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RE: [TTLUG] Re: Wireless LAN

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  • Vlade Malfet
    Eek... O.k. someone owns this band huh? ...well...first I would love to know who was the genius who sold a supposedly public band to a private individual...I d
    Message 1 of 44 , Feb 28, 2003
      O.k. someone owns this band huh?

      ...well...first I would love to know who was the genius who sold a
      supposedly public band to a private individual...I'd like to
      um......CONGRATULATE him on the brilliant sale

      Than I'd like to know exactly what is needed for me to set up a 2.4 Wireless
      LAN...license wise that is.... This is getting frustrating...I might as well
      go back to the old reliable smoke signals....

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      --- In TTLUG@yahoogroups.com, "Ansar Mohammed" <amohammed@c...> wrote:
      > Forgetting all out local politics..


      > There are three bands..
      > 900 Mhz, 2.4Ghz and 5.7 Ghz, these have been deemed ISM frequencies by
      > North America, Europe and Asia.

      > ISM meaning Industrial, Scientific and Medical which is kinda weird
      > (since everyone uses them). You do not need any FCC licenses in the US
      > or the equivalent in Europe or Asia to use them as long as your
      > antenna is not above a certain dB. (Which most people ignore today
      > anyway).
      > 2.4 Ghz is used by 802.11b and g. 802.11a uses 5.7.
      > No one bought the frequency.

      Aha... Found the email - was on the TTCS list; Mike Tikalsingh:

      TTST does not own the airwaves, but the Government controls its use.

      The 2.4GHz range has been assigned to a local company and IS NOT an
      unlicensed band in T&T!

      I found this out when my company was thinking of doing some wireless
      communications 2 yrs ago. We had to scrap those plans!

      Be careful how you go!


      Now, note I never said 'owned', I said 'licensed'. Perhaps you could share
      your source? Mike said he had first hand knowledge of this, so I have to go
      with Mike until proven otherwise.

      Perhaps there has been a change?


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    • Richard Jobity
      ... ROTFLMAO*2 Greatest post EVER.
      Message 44 of 44 , Mar 3, 2003
        Michael K. wrote:
        > Hey Ansar,
        > Thanks a lot. I understand now.
        > So does anyone know of any kind of penalties if we don't have a license?
        > Wouldn't want to go from (_._) to (_o_) in jail.


        Greatest post EVER.
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