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Re: [TTLUG] DVD Jon is free

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  • David McKen
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    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 7, 2003
      Rock on dude :)
      --- RichardJ@... wrote:
      > http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/4/28749.html
      > DVD Jon is free - official
      > By John Leyden
      > Posted: 07/01/2003 at 11:09 GMT
      > The entertainment lobby has failed to persuade a
      > Norwegian court to convict
      > a teenager for creating a utility for playing back DVDs
      > on his own computer.
      > Jon Lech Johansen has been acquitted of all charges in a
      > trial that tested
      > the legality of the DeCSS DVD decryption utility he
      > produced, Norwegian
      > paper Aftenposten reports.
      > Norwegian prosecutors, acting largely on the behest of
      > the Motion Picture
      > Association of America (MPAA), argued in court that
      > Johansen acted illegally
      > in sharing his DeCSS tool with others and distributing it
      > via the Internet.
      > They claimed the DeCSS utility made it easier to pirate
      > DVDs.
      > The court rejected these arguments, ruling that Johansen
      > did nothing wrong
      > in bypassing DVD scrambling codes that stopped him using
      > his Linux PC to
      > play back DVDs he'd bought.
      > Judge Irene Sogn ruled that there was "no evidence" that
      > either Johansen or
      > others had used the decryption code (DeCSS) illegally,
      > Aftenposten reports.
      > Judge Sogn dismissed prosecution arguments that Johansen
      > intended to aid and
      > abet DVD piracy.
      > The ruling means its legal to use DeCSS code to watch
      > legally obtained DVD
      > films, at least in Norway.
      > The case began three years ago with a raid on Johansen's
      > home, after which
      > he was charged by the Norwegian Economic Crime Unit for
      > obscure offences
      > against Norwegian Criminal Code 145(2) which carry a
      > sentence of up to two
      > years in jail.
      > The case has been closely watched ever since, and
      > Johansen's victory
      > represents a big win for the tech enthusiasts against the
      > bully-boy tactics
      > of the US entertainment industry. �

      David Mcken

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