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Re: Alternative Laptop - Linux/Open Office -- RE: [ttcs] Newsday: Govt seeks laptop suppliers ; tender deadline July 15

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  • Deosaran Bisnath
    I am thinking along these lines.... Got these articles from the OLPC newsletter: One Laptop Per Child Will Provide XO Laptops to Uruguay High School
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2010
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      I am thinking along these lines....
      Got these articles from the OLPC newsletter:
      One Laptop Per Child Will Provide XO Laptops to Uruguay High School StudentsA New XO Laptop Designed for High School Students Offers Larger Keyboard, Specialized Learning Applications.

      Multi-Touch Sugar on XO-1.75 ARM Laptop Coming Soon8JUL 2010Chris Ball just dropped a bombshell on the IAEP listserv - he explained OLPC's software strategy for the XO-1.75 which should have you itching with excitement:Fedora on XO-1.75 ARMhttp://www.olpcnews.com/laptops/xo-175/multi-touch_sugar_arm_xo_laptop.html

      Now that the 10.1.1 release for XO-1.5 is out, it's a good time to
      talk about OLPC's software strategy for the future. We've got a few
      announcements to make:


      OLPC wasn't planning to make a Fedora 11 release of the XO-1 OS, but
      a group of volunteers including Steven Parrish, Bernie Innocenti,
      Paraguay Educa and Daniel Drake stepped up and produced Fedora 11 XO-1
      builds that follow the OLPC 10.1.1 work. I'm happy to announce that
      we're planning on releasing an OLPC-signed version of that work, and
      that this release will happen alongside the next XO-1.5 point release
      in the coming weeks.

      Aquatic Sugar: The Children's Interface, Translated for Adultshttp://www.olpcnews.com/software/operating_system/aquatic_sugar_childrens_interface.html
      Uruguay Schools to Pilot Windows XO and MS Office8JUL 2009Uruguay's "El País" announced on the 7th day of the 7th month that 7 thousand 7th graders will receive XO computers in Treinta y Tres, Uruguay, running MS Office on Windows. (English translation via Google)
      Windows XO laptops in UruguayThe article stresses that Microsoft and the Uruguayan Central Education Council (CODICEN, the top authority as to school policy in Uruguay) will be monitoring closely the experience. This is interesting news considering that so far Ceibal, run by the LATU (Technological Laboratories of Uruguay, a government-financed, semi-independent body) has not shown much interest in monitoring and evaluation, even though it is indicated this pilot will be also part of Ceibal.The CODICEN Director, Laura Motta, indicates her concern regarding possible backlash from defenders of open software, saying that "this is not a general change", moreover, that for Secondary education it has already been decided to work with open source software, so as "not to be committed to a single provider".The M&E process should take up to the end of this school year (late November), and teacher training was begun this week, the second of the winter school
      break in Uruguay. No computers will be provided to the teachers, though "10 will be available in every school library".It is not clear if these XO laptops were paid for by the Uruguayan government of donated by Microsoft, or whether they have some hardware enhancement. It is said they are "the same" as those the Primary school children use already.An interesting "by the way" shared by another source indicates that there will be no internet connection provided for this pilot. http://www.olpcnews.com/countries/uruguay/uruguay_windows_xo_ms_office.htmland last, but not least, an interesting and informative debate on ICT and education ---The Educational Technology Debate (ETD) seeks to promote a substantive discussion of how low-cost information and communication technology (ICT) device initiatives for educational systems in developing countries are relevant to the very groups they purport to serve – the students, teachers, and their surrounding
      communities.We advance the conversation in weekly posts on a monthly topic of discussion – like theseprevious topics. You are encouraged to augment each post with comments, related information, and relevant news items. You can also apply to be a moderator or discussant at any time, justcontact us.http://edutechdebate.org/about/%c2%a0
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      I have it on good authority that this is the model they are aiming at!!! :)

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