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Please support the creation of the Caribbean Community OpenSolaris Users Group [CCOSUG]

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  • Khyron
    I am sending out this...plea...for your help and support. Those of you who came out to the events we had back in April are aware that I saw those as the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2010
      I am sending out this...plea...for your help and support.

      Those of you who came out to the events we had back in April are aware that
      saw those as the initial steps in the process of building a community around
      OpenSolaris operating system, first in Trinidad but eventually across the

      Well, this process has been held up because no one submitted a single vote
      support of this proposal. Around the same time I submitted my proposal, the

      process changed, so the normal and expected means of responding to such a
      proposal were no longer normal and expected.

      So I am posting here for your help. Please support this proposal, either by

      replying to the original e-mail[1] or by commenting on the Bugzilla bug
      which I
      opened for this proposal[2]. (Yes, using Bugzilla for project management of

      this sort is absurd. They know it too, but until a volunteer steps forward
      to fix
      it, this is how it is.)

      Some of you may be asking "why should I (we) do this?" or similar questions.

      Well, if you're interested in operating systems beyond the usual suspects,
      Windoze and Linux, then maybe OpenSolaris is something you should test
      drive. If you like learning about technology for the sake of technology,
      OSol is
      definitely something you should investigate. If you want to find out about
      ways of solving some of the technology challenges you have, OpenSolaris can
      offer that too. As an example, someone I met back in April, a avowed fan of

      Windows and apologist for Microsoft, was absolutely blown away by some of
      the things I showed him with ZFS. When I told him some of the things that
      could do using OpenSolaris + ZFS -- things which Windows itself is unable to

      do -- he became even more compelled. And of course, there was the FREE as
      in beer aspect. Maybe OpenSolaris (or ZFS or DTrace or Zones or Containers
      or SMF or the Solaris Cryptographic Framework or "Secure by Default" or
      "Fire Engine") can help solve some of your technology challenges? There's
      only one way to find out.

      More importantly, my cohorts and I want to build a community - a vibrant,
      sustainable community - for Solaris and OpenSolaris throughout the entire
      Caribbean region. Trinidad is just the beginning, as this is a long race

      The Bugzilla bug and original e-mail document some of the events that I
      personally want to have this calendar year. There could always be more, as
      there are 3 other leaders among you, there in Trinidad. This is just the

      Thank you for your support.



      [2] https://defect.opensolaris.org/bz/show_bug.cgi?id=15596

      "You can choose your friends, you can choose the deals." - Equity Private

      "If Linux is faster, it's a Solaris bug." - Phil Harman

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