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Fw: [agents] [CFP] AAAI Symposium on Anchoring Symbols to Sensor Data

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    ... From: Alessandro Saffiotti To: agents@cs.umbc.edu Date: Saturday, January 06, 2001 1:40 AM Subject: [agents]
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      From: Alessandro Saffiotti <asaffio@...>
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      Date: Saturday, January 06, 2001 1:40 AM
      Subject: [agents] [CFP] AAAI Symposium on Anchoring Symbols to Sensor Data

      >Dear Collegue,
      >Below please find the abstract of a Symposium which might be of interest
      >to the people in this group. The full Call for Participation, including
      >submission instructions, is available at the web site indicated.
      > Alessandro Saffiotti
      >[apologies for cross-posting]
      > AAAI Fall Symposium on
      > Anchoring Symbols to Sensor Data in Single and Multiple Robot Systems
      >The focus of this symposium is on the connection between abstract- and
      >physical-level representations of objects in autonomous robotic systems.
      >We call "anchoring" the process of creating, and maintaining in time,
      >this connection. Anchoring can thus be seen as a special case of symbol
      >grounding where the symbols denote physical objects.
      >Anchoring is required in any robot that uses a symbolic representation.
      >A typical example is to identify and track a specific person in a crowd
      >given a linguistic description. Anchoring must also occur in multiple
      >robot systems whenever the robots exchange information via symbolic
      >representations. We talk in this case of "grounded communication."
      >Grounded communication is also needed for efficient human-robot
      >Our main preoccupation is a practical one. All existing robotics
      >systems that comprise a symbolic reasoning component implicitly
      >incorporate a solution to the anchoring problem. However, this solution
      >is typical developed on a system by system basis on a restricted domain.
      >The ambition of this symposium is to create an interdisciplinary
      >community that will develop a general theory of anchoring. The emphasis
      >will be on the computational aspects of anchoring, including the
      >functionalities and representations needed to perform it.
      >- Submission deadline: March 30, 2001
      >- Symposium days: November 2-4, 2001, MA, USA (exact location TBA)
      >- Detailed information: http://www.aass.oru.se/Living/FSS01/
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