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Re: [Tech] ...tech park meeting came off today...

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  • richjob@carib-link.net
    Oh my goodness. I have (as usual) been plagued with the twin demons of work commitments and bad nighttime telephone lines, so I ve been somewhat silent. Also
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 6, 2001
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      Oh my goodness.
      I have (as usual) been plagued with the twin demons of work
      commitments and bad nighttime telephone lines, so I've been
      somewhat silent. Also planning me vacation <grin>

      Let me make a couple of quick comments, as I fly out today.

      > TIDCO say that they would like to have concrete representation from young
      > techie types.. their problem is that no traditional channels exist. They
      > didn't know how to access the young tech types en bloc.

      Young techie types... let them talk to UWI Dept of Maths and
      Comp. Sci. (young UWI types), TTLUG (hehe) , TTCS, Peter
      Wimbourne and the other ISP people should be OK , as well as
      people like Gordon Gonsalves (lotto software guy). Some of the
      people doing training at one of the MCSE sweatshops.

      > Therefore, they are now going to arrange a meeting of TTCS; TTLUG; &
      > OSATT... to find out (i) how the Tech Park can be shaped to benefit local
      > enterprising tech types... including stemming the brain drain; (ii) how to
      > make the tech park more conscious of the realities of IT-as-a-business as
      > percieved by young geekazoids.

      Stem the brain drain? Decent, cheap bandwidth, and pay IT people
      international rates of compensation. In a market with reasonably
      free movement of labor, labor will go where it is adequately
      compensated. Pay third world rates, get third-rate IT types.

      And, for goodness sakes, just let TIDCO just help in providing an
      environment and keep the taxes low, and not target areas or firms
      to receive a benefit.

      > They understand that the breakthrough firms are often spearheaded by
      > youngsters... and they understand that V.C availability is a must.

      And, for crying out loud, people must be confident that their ideas
      aren't stolen by the local VCs. VCs away understand this, hence
      NDAs. Business "as usual" in TT will just not be good enough.

      One of the inalienable requirements of "good capitalism" is a
      working system of property rights (including intangible property).
      Not just land and cattle.

      > They also understand the political realities of sweatshop informatics... it
      > has to be done, even though it might be unstable in the long run.

      And no doubt, there will be a Charles Dickens to decry the
      conditions. Only his/her name might be BC, or WB, or KB, or RS,
      or someone new.

      > My job is to present a proposal by Moday or Tuesday of what's going to be
      > discussed at the tech meeting which they will arrange with us: who are they
      > players; what are their skills/specialties; what are their perceptions; and
      > what do such people think that TIDCO/Tech Park can REALISTICALLY do for them
      > as viable tech players.

      Give us a fairly even playing field, and no onerous regulations, and
      set us free~!.

      Easy, simple to understand tax codes also help here.

      > One proposal that was raised at the meeting was a VIRTUAL INCUBATOR... while
      > Bas, Robbie, Patrick etc slug it out...and the actual money is stuck in the
      > pipeline - it was proposed that TIDCO render some service in the PR Web
      > Hosting and general legitimization of young tech; cutting edge local tech
      > and commercializing Open Source. The underlying idea is that while lotsa
      > capital might be needed for SOME projects... others are really skills
      > based... and TIDCO might supply certain abovementioned services for free
      > ...I really hope I got that right...).

      Just work on the environment.

      > I think I got an informal interest in committment to that sort of thing...
      > while the VC & physical infrastructure is being put in place.
      > I'm going to try to get an informal meeting with Mr. Assam...

      I pity you. I really do. Of the bunch of Ministers, he is the most
      insufferable. Loves himself.

      > I don't know if it will come off... because I don't know the guy and
      an intermediary will
      > have to facilitate it...but I need to lay a position paper, at least, on
      > him. Lobby, before the fact of the meeting.
      > I hope that we can all contribute to this.
      > So... de ball is in we court now! Please let's get the show on the road.
      > Howzat for stewing mataphors?
      > alain
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      Richard Jobity, Trinidad and Tobago.
      http://chanderspot.go.to ICQ 5183191

      In Trinidad and Tobago and want to use Linux?
    • CYMM
      THANK YOU DALE!!!!!! I look forward to your help... I really do... anything you can do; gameplans; contacting techtypes; up to & including getting newpaper
      Message 2 of 4 , Jan 8, 2001
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        THANK YOU DALE!!!!!! I look forward to your help... I really do... anything
        you can do; gameplans; contacting techtypes; up to & including getting
        newpaper editors to allow us to hype this young tech/ tech park thing...
        ANYTHING... but fast!!

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        Date: Monday, January 08, 2001 7:27 PM
        Subject: Re: [Tech] ...tech park meeting came off today...

        >Damn alain ... I just got wind of this thread ... I didn't realise how
        >critical it is ....
        >I'm on the case and I will get back to you before day light.
      • CYMM
        Donald, I take ALL your points... One thing... the Gilettes & the Galbaransinghs & the Dupreys of rthe world are NOT evil... the are not the enemy... and they
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          I take ALL your points...
          One thing... the Gilettes & the Galbaransinghs & the Dupreys of rthe world are NOT evil... the are not the enemy... and they will move in for the kill (that's how it works..)... however once the thing is orchestrated so that a large enough market eventually obtains... then market forces will win out... that's the problem with us in Trinidad... we don't understand how tiny the current local tech scene is... once it expands due to the establishment of export based industry... then even the peewats will get there! And peewats are often iconoclasts.
          An in technology, iconoclasts are very often winners!!!
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          From: Donny Mark Ramdathsingh <donnyr10@...>
          To: TheTechies@egroups.com <TheTechies@egroups.com>
          Date: Monday, January 08, 2001 8:17 PM
          Subject: Re: [Tech] ...tech park meeting came off today...

           Ummm.. I for one always sound foolish so it don't really matter to me :))
           Alain OK
          1) Faster , Cheaper Internet Access
              >> Result >> More Development work in Trinidad
                              >> More Hosting of Web Sites instead of US and Canada Hosuing
          >> More ppl on-Line and which leads  to more opportunity
          2) Heavy Infrastructure for a nursery for Developers (Terrific Idea)
                >> Out of school, into Development...nuff talk
          3) Better pay , Better work...it's that simple
              It's time we have some sort of standardization of pay rates
              Engineers = $$$$
              Administrators = $$$$
              Developer = $$$$
              Janitors = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
             Microsoft has an Annual Survey of compensation based on State
          4) Have Tidco land some contracts..Techies will fill the Gaps for sure..
          5) JOBS , JOBS , JOBS...oops I said that in point 4 (Guess I wanted to point something out)
          6) Trinidad does not have to be the focal point, US markets looking for
              better price development at similiar standards and better support
              via point one can turn to Tech Park for REAL time solutions..
          7) Human counselling for egomaniacs....REALLY  this one is important
              swell , Techpark takes off, lands some good work, brings the best heads together..
               Teamwork is none existent, as everybody thinks they're the best...
               Alain I'm serious about this, I've seen it in TRINIDAD before....and it's not going to be the last
          8) Open Opportunity for Entrepeneurs and young techies, not only for flambuoyant
              Established companies that have all the Marketing guru's,, young ppl are only looking for a break
              we're fed up with the red tape ,and the kick backs...we just want a try..and some money...
          9) Can't we establish a Facility like Taiwan to make Mobo's and Cards etc..
              Why can't we  ?? Anybody remember about Mem Prices after the Taiwan eathquake  a few years ago ??
              See how dependent the entire world was on Taiwan..!!!
          10) Keep Taxes as low as posible for Start up Tech companies yr 1 and yr 2...
          11) Get some legistlation done on Intellectual property, I mean I don't even know If I
                created a Web site for a company and put the words together, if it's mine or  theirs !!
          12) Open Source as wll as Current IT Models, don't disregard Microsoft
                TTLUG has a Hard time dealing with them , but blinsiding them is Dead wrong and outright
                regressive, you too Alain, you have a problem with them also, but deal with it
                they are top dog now, and you have to play it that way until change comes....
          13) And FINALLY for the Techies sake PLEEEEAASSEEE , don;t let players
                like Gillete's and the Galbaransingh's and Duprey's etc..get their claws on it
                because we head straight to the bottom with direction like that , the
                whole dream of the Techpark becomes lost...
                Give Trini Tech park a fair chance....it's all we ask !!!
                 Will we get it ?? I sure do hope so....
          Hope This helps a bit Alain
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