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FW: ICT Excellence Awards

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  • Hassan Voyeau
    ... Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 11:27:44 -0400 From: icts@crsitjobs.com To: hassanvoyeau@hotmail.com Subject: ICT Excellence Awards *Trinidad & Tobago ICT
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      Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 11:27:44 -0400
      From: icts@...
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      Subject: ICT Excellence Awards

      *Trinidad & Tobago ICT Excellence Awards*

      The ICTS (Information and Communications Technology Society of Trinidad &
      Tobago) is pleased to announce our inaugural Excellence in ICT awards. As a
      Society, we are committed to the advancement of ICT in our operating
      environment and actively seek to encourage the development of our ICT
      talent. To achieve this, we propose to recognise and reward outstanding
      performance in ICT by project and by individuals. We expect that this will
      showcase ICT possibilities as well as the star performers for our national
      audience and materialise benefits for the award recipients and the ICT
      industry as a whole. Winners will be announced at our awards event on
      December 4, 2007.

      *Individual Awards 2007*

      � *IT Leader of the Year* � covering the roles of Chief Information
      Officer (CIO), Information Technology (IT) / Information Services (IS)
      Director, a head of function in Systems or Services or consultant in a
      leadership role.

      � *Project Manager of the Year* � covering either a project or
      programme management job. Consultants will also be considered in this

      � *Young IT Practitioner of the Year *� (25 years old, as of
      6thDecember 2007) � for recently qualified specialists.

      To download an Application Form click

      *Project Awards 2007*

      * *

      1. *Mobile Technology Project Award* � including mobile solutions,
      wireless, PDAs, and notebooks

      2. *Information Security and Data Management Project Award * -
      including data protection, disaster recovery, and also content management
      for large amounts of data

      3. *Web-based Technology Project Award *� including any web-based
      application or service available to the public

      4. *Social Contribution Project Award *� including all projects that
      bring benefits to society in general, or to disadvantaged individuals

      5. *Business-to-Business Project Award* � projects to improve
      business efficiency within and between businesses, including business
      intelligence projects, and engineering applications

      To download an Application Form click

      *Deadline for Submission*

      Deadline for submission is Friday November 2, 2007

      For more information see www.icts.org.tt

      Mail completed forms to ICTS, 10 Cipriani Boulevard, Port of Spain,
      or email to awards@...

      Contacts: Michelle/Kavita � 627-8544

      Explore the seven wonders of the world Learn

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