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7203Re: [TTLUG] That 'Hey SCO sue me' petition.

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  • Vlade Malfet
    Jun 1, 2003
      i wasent worried.... jsut.....concerned .....
      I guess i feel like i dont do enough.... heh..thats all....
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      Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2003 6:03 AM
      Subject: Re: [TTLUG] That 'Hey SCO sue me' petition.

      Don't worry too much about it, Vlade. The FSF is on it... and the
      petition was cut short because it was becoming unmanageable. In fact,
      John said he only expected 10 signatories. But.... do you think SCO
      would want to go after 4000 Linux users? That's a lot of work. Their
      present case is probably going to be hard enough to manage.

      If it isn't something the FSF is happy with, the whole petition will
      probably be deep sixed.

      In other news, a teleconference transcript I read indicated that SCO
      will be showing us the 'naughty code' next week. Should be interesting.


      Vlade Malfet wrote:

      > hm..i know that 4000 sounds like alot..but when you compare it to teh
      > ... millions, perhaps billions of computer users.. or .. if you look
      > at it from an industrial/business point of view, potential consumers,
      > 4000 is not all that much ....
      > i mean... 5,000,000   peopel dont care vs 4000 people who acutlaly
      > know their @$$ from their Elbow. ...... a business tends to go with
      > larger figures......

      > All i am saying is it feels like a tiny number , but......say a person
      > at home heard that internationally 4000 persons were beign taken to
      > court for using linux which is illigal as teh stole software *and we
      > know with M$ involved, thats the spin that the home user will hear and
      > BELIEVE, it would sound like alot *I magin joe average at home* hey
      > jane...remember that linux thing the it guy at your work wanted to
      > try?...well aparently some company called SCO got there stuff stonel
      > by the linux people and now they are being taken to court.... you
      > better tell that guy not to use it unless you wanna get sued for
      > stealing to hun.*

      > ..............heh.....................or maybe i had to much caffine

      >    O  o
      >  c  l l   D
      >    ~~~

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