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5867RE: [TTLUG] group logo ideas

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  • Ansar Mohammed
    Feb 1, 2003
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      How about tux on one side of the coat of arms and the bsd deamon on the other instead of the cocrico and scarlet ibis.



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      From: Richard Jobity [mailto:richjob@yahoo.com]
      Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 1:34 AM
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      Call me crazy, but I like the baby tux.

      But I understand wht that might not be ble to fly.

      If I were to get philosophical, I would say that I needed to get the
      Tux to represent something uniquely Trinidadian.  Traditionally, I
      would play on the  concept of the Trinity, and have something with
      three Tuxes.

      Playing pan, sitar and a boom bass maybe.    Kinda like a demented
      coat of arms.  It's 1:30 am, so my ideas might not be the most
      coherent. :)

      Or even three Tuxes in front of an outline map of Trinidad and

      Or the outline of Trinidad and Tobago with the Tux inside the outline
      on the beach or something. 

      Even a derivative of the old baby tux design with the OSI like
      symbol, with the Larry Ewing Tux next to the BSD daemon.

      --- Kirk Lashley <klashley@rtsg.uwi.tt> wrote:
      > Any ideas for the TTLUG logo?  Please disregard the "small things
      > get
      > big" logo that some of you may have seen... it makes nothing more
      > than a
      > cool wallpaper.
      > I'm using good old reliable Tux from Larry Ewing.  So any ideas on
      > what
      > we want the logo to be presenting.  We can do anything with Tux...
      > he
      > doesn't have to be sitting contentedly as though he just ate his
      > gut
      > full of herring, if we don't want him to.
      > All your suggestions will be taken into consideration, and possible
      > candidates for the group logo uploaded over the course of the
      > weekend.
      > Kirk
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