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3942Re: Which OS is the best?????

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  • donnyr_10
    Feb 1, 2002
      David ,

      This has been the stance for many ppl I know both on the
      TECHIES list and TTLUG, however the Zealots do exist and it's
      up to us in unmoderated forums to try our best to expose them
      to the wonders of open sided thinking..

      I think the point that every OS has a place and function
      holds true, but also TTLUG is our Local Linux support group
      and hence a natural inclination to be more pro Linux..

      I have been on lists where M$ bashing is the Norm, and it bores
      easily with pathetic one liners and no real Info, TTLUG is doing a
      great job keeping Linux support lines open in particular Richard in
      keeping egos and FLAMES in check..

      Lets hope things keep on the "up and up"
      and keep "Bill bashers in the closet with the old 386 PC's" last
      thing I heard those things were extinct <grin>

      Take Care
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