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3108Networking Question

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  • David McKen
    Sep 5, 2001
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      OK Boys and girls answer this one

      Just put together a 800Mhz Duron with 256 Mb of RAM
      10 Gb ata/100 hard drive and a 16Mb video card(yes I know it is a
      waste in a server) and a 10/100 network card plugged into a 8 port

      This system is to act as a server in a windows network allowing
      access to files and a HP Printer(USB!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

      How long would it take to configure and get the network up and
      running and should a non linux user have to go in and change any
      thing can I leave detailed instructions and not have it take up a
      book (know a bit about Samba). Please reply soon.
      very ready to get win2k off of it.

      P.S. I leave for Washington on the 20/7/01 so I want to meet with the
      group before I leave so when is the next meeting???

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