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19119Interest in (Open)Solaris Events?

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  • Khyron
    Apr 2, 2010
      I've been asked a few times when I (we) might do some sort of event about
      Solaris and/or OpenSolaris. The opportunity may be upon us, but I need to
      gauge the level of interest.

      My idea is to hold 1 or possibly 2 events, during the last week and weekend
      of the month. One would be a simple "Meet & Greet" or "Pizzalime" type of
      event while the other would be an InstallFest.

      Anticipated dates are 23 - 27 April for my visit, during which these events
      would be conducted. If you're interested, respond with your preferred dates

      and times for each event within the 23 - 27 April window. Also feel free to

      include any specific sub-topics you're interested in learning more about.
      course, responses publicly or privately are welcome, but I encourage public
      responses since something you want to know is probably of interest to others

      as well; public responses encourage sharing. Suggestions for venues for
      events are welcome too.

      As for a larger event, I have in mind a Demo Day, but I haven't identified a
      venue or other details. That will be a much more complex undertaking, but
      you know what we would like to do in the near future.


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