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19086Re: [ttlug] Re: Possible open source project

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  • Allan Samaroo
    Feb 1, 2010
      Nice...then perhaps you can liaise with a secondary school or community
      college that offers Computer Science. Maybe they would like to
      collaborate as a special project for final year students....GIS is a
      sweet topic as it's still relatively new and the "developed" countries
      have done wonders with the technology so I'm sure they'll bite....

      The government is uses some form of GIS mapping in their land valuation,
      surveys and mapping divisions etc....have you approached the THA in this

      joepub1962 wrote:
      > Thanks for the advice....
      > One of the reasons for bringing my idea to this group.was that I am hoping that some of you might be interested or know if people who might be interested in a project of this kind....
      > As I may have mentioned previously, this to be a community project. I see this as a great way of exposing and teaching high school students programming various aspects of software...
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