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18591Concerns about non-Linux or FLOS content on the list

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  • Nissan Dookeran
    Mar 1, 2009
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      So this is my rant as a less active mailing list user recently.

      I subscribe to the daily digest, so this may have been missed by the
      others who subscribe to the the list in real-time mode, but I'm
      noticing a terrible trend of more non-Linux, non FLOS content on the
      summary listing of topics than actual on-topic Linux discussions.

      Can we please save such posts for TTCS or Computing mailing list discussions?

      We shouldn't have to be talking about mailing list etiquette to
      seasoned mailing list users after all this time. The TLUG (Tokyo LUG)
      has a very good model of mailing list etiquette at
      http://tlug.jp/listpolicy.php that I suggest we try to follow here as

      As a guide to those of us with Linux questions, I would suggest one
      references Eric Raymond's How To Questions The Smart Way article at
      http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html before posting.

      For those of us with opinion articles or other already online-posted
      content to share that IS Linux or FLOS related related, posting a link
      to the online content is sufficient, if you must include actual
      content, post at most a 4 line summary.
      The entire article does NOT have to be reposted. Ditto for replies to
      such threads, cut and paste the relevant part you're replying to, then
      reply to it.

      Nissan Dookeran
      "Find a problem. Figure out how to solve the problem. Find more
      people with the same problem and you have a business."
      (Gary Schoeniger, founder of the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative)

      The Law of Motion & Responsibility:
      If you are neither learning nor contributing you are needed elsewhere.
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