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17623Re: [ttlug] One benefit of the RBC / RBTT deal?

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  • Kwesi Stewart
    May 1, 2008
      Sorry to be so myopic, but the RBTT sale is good in one aspect -- We may
      finally be PayPal compliant. Obviously I don't understand the impact of
      the sale but I hope that something good can come out of it.

      As for Trinidad, the trend I am noticing is everyone is looking at what
      they can get NOW and not thinking about the future. The Government and
      Corporations seem to be thinking about one thing -- cash. I would stand
      up against the Government and Corporations but I say, without shame, I
      am somewhat ignorant to the full effects of their actions. I would hate
      to go out there and be 'anti' without a full understanding of what I am
      trying to change.

      This is a TTLUG group, so I apologise if I tickled anyone the wrong way
      with this post.

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