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  • Kerry Panchoo
    Oct 2, 2007
      Hi All,

      Seeing that richard is back on the mailing list. I have a few comments
      and suggestions.

      Its been a while since TTLUG has had a meeting or an election. To me it
      seems the group is now only a mailing list with very few events etc. I
      do not know when the group last had elections for its executive. I would
      like to make the following suggestions:

      - Find the TTLUG constitution (if we have one)
      - Adopt a LUG constitution (I'm sure there may be a few out there we
      could choose from)
      - Hold elections for its executive (its election season :) ie.
      President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary etc- how about the last
      weekend of the month as the election date)
      - Candidates for the President should put forward a list of items he/she
      wishes to do for the following year with a plan to do so (these should
      be a plan to find locations for meetings and possible events and an
      action plan to get these things done)
      - Only members who attend the meetings should vote (why? - because it
      shows a willingness to turn up in person and do something).

      Why am i suggesting these things?
      - TTLUG use to have meetings once ever 2 weeks- its no longer the case
      - Any organization like ours should have elections every year and the
      executive change as the group changes
      - Although Richard have done a lot for the group over th past seven
      years and we should all be thankful for this, he seems to have a lot of
      other responsibilities that affect his time and the attention (which is
      fair) that the LUG needs. Seven years is a long time to be president, it
      might be best that someone else takes charge and moves the group
      forward, new blood, new energy. This is not meant to be a personal
      attack on Richard. A leader has to know when it time graciously pass on
      his chair to the next person who the group chooses (He can make his
      recommendation for the next person as I did). I see Richard's continuing
      roles (as is mines) to support and provide advice/opinions where and
      when necessary. I am not opposed to Richard going up for re-election-
      but i do not think its the best thing for the group right now.

      On a personal note it saddens me to see TTCS doing things that TTLUG
      should be doing, especially since we are much more focussed on Linux and
      Open Source with a clear agenda. TTLUG has become nothing more than an
      online mailing list, which may be the center of the daily operations of
      a LUG, but it is not the only thing a LUG should be.
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