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16880Re: [TTLUG] Re: [x-post] Attend Tech Meetings [Was: Is Linux worth the effort?]

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  • kimaniidanieldotcom
    Jun 1, 2007
      I also would love to attend but I'm all the way in St. Lucia, and I'm not
      gonna book a ticket to Trinidad for a pizza lime, esp now with those mad
      prices of airfares. So I second the video idea. You don't have to video tape
      the whole thing, probably just the presentations and the different installs


      On 5/31/07, Brendon Ballantyne <brother_bee@...> wrote:
      > I like the idea of video taping the event. I've never been to a meeting
      > myself even though I'd love to attend. For me, I work in Couva till about
      > 6pm.. and I don't have a car, so usually the thought of travelling up to
      > Pizza Hut and then to home doesn't seem too appealing. In no way am I
      > criticising any aspect of the meeting; it's just that my schedule doesn't
      > give me the freedom I need in this case, so watching a video replay would be
      > great..Brendon
      > To: TTLUG@yahoogroups.comFrom <TTLUG%40yahoogroups.comFrom>:
      > nissan.dookeran@... <nissan.dookeran%40gmail.comDate>: Thu, 31
      > May 2007 14:24:42 +0000Subject: [TTLUG] Re: [x-post] Attend Tech Meetings
      > [Was: Is Linux worth the effort?]
      > This sounds like persons who do not attend tech meetings are being chided
      > for asking questions after. This may not have been the intention, but just
      > letting you know this is how it sounded.We have seen for many years the
      > issue of members clamering for meetings to happen, and once they do the lack
      > of attendence at these meetings clearly comes up.While this is clearly
      > non-motivating for those who take their own time and effort to organise
      > these sessions, this also lends the question, "why did this happen, and what
      > can we do to stop it from happening again?"My personal reason for not
      > attending the HandArnold event is that my current employment demands have
      > taken away from me the time and mobility to be physically present for all
      > these excellent tech activities which interest me greatly.However, the
      > greater issue I think is clearly one of why do NEW persons not attend the
      > tech meetings. My take on this?Those who call for tech meetings and who have
      > never attended one don't have enough faith in them being worth their time to
      > attend. The only way of course to dispel this myth is for them to actually
      > attend one though, and find it valuable enough to them to be a repeatable
      > experience. You see the nature of this dilemma now.So I propose this.
      > Let's actually video capture or record in some replayable medium (like the
      > podcast Mike did some time ago of a TTCS event) the happenings of a
      > TTCS/TTLUG meeting. Post a link to it on the list. Upload it to Youtube if
      > it is a video. Most digital cameras come with a video mode, and most of us
      > have one. Use the community gathered to create, aggregate and then publish
      > content about an event.I can see this working because I have it work in
      > the US quite frequently. I have recently seen some folks in the local music
      > industry start using this method as an incentive to get new participation at
      > relatively unknown events. And it is working!So to those who plan to
      > organise the next tech event, I suggest you focus on ways of making the
      > event engaging to those who may not even attend the event. That may be your
      > best means of making your effort most worth it.--- In
      > TTLUG@yahoogroups.com <TTLUG%40yahoogroups.com>, Vasudev Seeram
      > <cavguy101@...> wrote:>> Folks,> > I think that a lot of grief can be spared
      > if only> people ATTEND TECH MEETINGS.> > We installed over half a dozen
      > Linux distros at our> last TTCS Tech Meeting (on Saturday, May 26 at Hand>
      > Arnold). There were distros for every niche: Puppy> Linux, with its
      > simplicity and desktop icons could be> used by new pre-teen (8-12 year old)
      > users;> BeaFanatIX, extremely simple menu, ideal for brand> new, more mature
      > users; DamnSmallLinux, very small> footprint, ran lighting fast on ancient
      > hardware;> PCLinuxOS for the Linux poweruser; and Xandros 4.0> Open
      > Circulation, a serious contender for the business> desktop. > > Even on
      > 128MB RAM, many of these new distros were> responsive and useable. The
      > interface has matured to> the point where they are on par with commercial>
      > operating systems. And the bundled software represents> thousands of dollars
      > in savings.> > Had the statement 'Linux is unproductive' been made> 5-6
      > years ago, it may have been debatable. Now,> however, I think that it takes
      > the same amount of> effort to learn to use these distros as it takes to>
      > learn a commercial operating system.> > The aim of the Tech Meetings is not
      > to force a> particular philosphy or ideology, but to educate> members on
      > 'what's out there'. As professionals, we> owe it to our customers
      > ('customers' used broadly to> mean anyone we serve, whether it be clients
      > paying for> our service, our boss or company management, a> coworker, or
      > simply a friend or family member) to> present them with options so that they
      > can make an> informed choice that best fits their need. Honestly> present
      > the strengths and weaknesses of alternative> products, and let the customer
      > choose.> > See the item 2.5 of the ACM Code of Ethics> (
      > http://www.acm.org/constitution/code.html): > "Computer professionals must
      > strive to be perceptive,> thorough, and objective when evaluating,
      > recommending,> and presenting system descriptions and alternatives."> > See
      > you at the next Tech Meeting!> > > Vasudev.> p.s. And don't take my word
      > for it either: download> the distros (and/or the TTCS OSSWIN CD) and give
      > them> a test drive. Who knows, you may end up breathing new> life into that
      > old hardware! ^_^> > > > >
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