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16727Re: Wanted: A Socket A processor

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  • Richard Bailey
    Apr 2 2:39 PM
      Yeah it's transcoding on the fly. The MediaMVP uses a hardware decoder
      chip to play MPEG2 since it's processor is too wimpy to play video,
      that being said it definitely can't play DivX/XviD or anything higher.
      The MediaMVP has my media folder mounted over NFS and if I pick a
      MPEG2 file to play the "server" just does file serving and the
      MediaMVP does the decoding. If I pick something the MediaMVP can't
      play it will instruct vlc to transcode on the file fly to MPEG2 and
      that will be streamed to the MediaMVP.

      What do you use to link your MediaMVP to MythTV? The same project I
      linked to below? Everything I described above was done with that
      project, it's amazing what all this open source software does for
      free! Though I have donated to a few projects I liked.

      The "server" also does CUPS (printing), samba (file serving),
      TorrentFlux (torrent downloading, this uses apache & mysql),
      slimserver (music serving again for the MediaMVP), software RAID and
      nfs (file serving). Squid for an http proxy is also installed but only
      used at rare times and I'm going to set up BackupPC on it, that
      installs exim4 mail server... So my lil 1800 Duron is starting to get
      taxed. Myth is also set up but not used.

      And my "large" file system, where all my music, torrents, downloads
      and myth recordings are places was recently switched to the xfs file
      system which has better performance for many files. I was reading and
      large filesystems should use xfs or jfs. But the thing is xfs uses a
      little more cpu that ext3, but less than resier (I think). jfs had the
      least cpu usage, but for some reason some of the sites I read said IBM
      was no longer actively developing it.

      As for demonstrating it, I guess I could, but it was all done by that
      mvmpc project, and it was a lil tricky to set up.

      - RB

      --- In TTLUG@yahoogroups.com, Calvin Harrigan <charriglists@...> wrote:
      > Richard Bailey wrote:
      > > 1800, I use vlc to transcode and stream divx/xvid content into MPEG2
      > > to play on a MediaMVP ( www.mvpmc.org ). But I'm getting some
      > > jittering and framing recently since the server does a bunch of other
      > > stuff too.
      > >
      > > Anyone?
      > >
      > > - RB
      > Is the machine transcoding the files fed to the MediaMVP on the fly? If
      > not, there is very little overhead involved in streaming an mpeg 2
      > What other things is the box doing that you think is impacting
      > networking performance? What is the speed of the network? I use mvpmc
      > with a mythtv box and it's been pretty decent.
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