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16717Re: [TTLUG] Re: Wanted: A Socket A processor

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  • Calvin Harrigan
    Apr 2, 2007
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      Richard Bailey wrote:
      > 1800, I use vlc to transcode and stream divx/xvid content into MPEG2
      > to play on a MediaMVP ( www.mvpmc.org ). But I'm getting some
      > jittering and framing recently since the server does a bunch of other
      > stuff too.
      > Anyone?
      > - RB

      Is the machine transcoding the files fed to the MediaMVP on the fly? If
      not, there is very little overhead involved in streaming an mpeg 2 file.
      What other things is the box doing that you think is impacting
      networking performance? What is the speed of the network? I use mvpmc
      with a mythtv box and it's been pretty decent.
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