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16470Re: [TTLUG] Re: Ubuntu Open Week

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  • Stephen Sankarsingh
    Jan 21, 2007
      My aunt's machine was infected by spyware after my cousin visited her
      for a couple days and played online poker etc. It got to the point where
      she was able to connect to the internet but then it would just stall
      with whatever spyware was installed.

      All she does is check email, surf the net for different cake sites and
      occasionally types a document. No games. She's on dialup so it's slow
      by default. I decided to overhaul her machine so now it's running Edgy
      with XGL+Beryl it looks so damn awesome. I can't stop drooling over it :)

      It's moving at light speed on an old NForce2 motherboard with onboard
      video and 256MB shared RAM

      There's a big Firefox icon and an e-mail icon next to it by default so
      she shouldn't have a problem finding her way around. Open Office is
      somewhere about as well, haven't looked at it yet. So far I just spent a
      lot of time spinning the desktop around and around and around and around
      using the mouse wheel ofcourse :)

      Note: I haven't actually plugged in my old 56k external modem into it
      yet but I don't anticipate any problems.

      Richard Bailey wrote:
      > To tell you the truth I can't remember the last time I booted Windows
      > on my home PC.
      > And Civ4 is supported by Cedega:
      > http://transgaming.org/gamesdb/games/view.mhtml?game_id=4004
      > So what I'm saying is... do it!
      > - RB
      > --- In TTLUG@yahoogroups.com, Stephen Sankarsingh <stephentnt@...> wrote:
      >> This is awesome, actually got to help out a nub or two and learnt some
      >> stuff i otherwise wouldn't have come across. I almost want to ditch XP
      >> right away and install ubuntu (but i won't since i may want to play civ4
      >> still). Been on it since last night and now someone is offering to teach
      >> me a little phython on IRC for one hour each week :)
      >> Richard Bailey wrote:
      >>> Well it's not too late for this. This week Ubuntu is having an Open
      >>> Week where there's a bunch of sessions in IRC throughout the week
      >>> imparting knowledge about how Ubuntu is structured, how the
      >>> translation tool works, how to package for Ubuntu (and by extension
      >>> any Debian based distro) and a bunch of other items.
      >>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek
      >>> Even if you're not an Ubuntu user these sessions can still benefit.
      >>> The least is will do is show you how a popular Linux distro is
      > made up.
      >>> - RB
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