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16099Re: [TTLUG] Meeting proposal

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  • Vasudev Seeram
    Oct 30, 2006
      Sounds ok by me. I have no plans for that time slot
      right now (but things may come up and plans MAY
      change). Do you have any presenters lined up? Perhaps
      someone could do a presentation on Edgy, the
      change/enhancements made to it and why we
      should/should not upgrade to it.


      --- Richard Bailey <rmjb@...> wrote:

      > We're trying and trying to set up a meeting.
      > Jacqueline has proposed
      > Trotters, I only saw one response to that.
      > I'm officially proposing UWI's food court Saturday
      > 4th (this Sat
      > coming) at 10 am.
      > All in favour please say, all against, say and
      > propose an alternative.
      > - RB

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