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13453Re: [TTLUG] Venezuela mandates free software in public administration

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  • Raul Bermudez
    Oct 1, 2004

      Following your argument, what Venezuela should mandate is the use of OPEN
      software in public administration, free of charge or otherwise. Like it or
      not, keeping their stuff up to date and customized is going to cost them a
      pretty penny at the end of the day anyway.



      > From: Richard Jobity <richjob@...>
      > Organization: Richard Jobity
      > Reply-To: TTLUG@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 00:30:27 -0400
      > To: TTLUG@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Re: [TTLUG] Venezuela mandates free software in public
      > Raul Bermudez wrote:
      >> Ricardo,
      >> Just wondering...
      >> Would the fact that software is available free of charge make it suitable?
      >> Meaning: If the company people seem to love to hate around here were to
      >> decide to give the Venezuelan government all the products they need for
      >> free, would that then make it a suitable choice for them to make?
      >> Chavez needs to be more specific, wouldn't you say?
      >> Raul
      > For data held in trust for the people of a country, freedom is more
      > important than free.
      > With free software, you can see, amend, share and publish your
      > improvements. Can't do that with Microsoft stuff. Plus if you have the
      > source, (and the open file formats it implies), you can't really be
      > orphaned. Being teh gub'mint, they can, if they choose, pay money to
      > keep their stuff up to date and customized.
      > --
      > Richard
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