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13128RE: [TTLUG] php mysql.sock problems

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  • Christian Anton
    Jun 1, 2004
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      I had this problem a while aback. Check mysql.conf for the location of the socket file.
      Then I believe you can edit conf.php to look there. Also, check your file permissions, make 'em more open if you need to, and double check who you're logging into the db as in your PHP script. If all else fails, bypass sockets and use ports; try connecting through 'localhost'.

      Oh and as a security tip, unless other machines are accessing your db, setup your fw to block external traffic to MySQL port.

      As for the problems RHS had installing; dude, when did you do that install? I remember my first APACHE/PHP3 install had some funky stuff, but not like what you described. It's easy now, a vanilla install of Apache can work eith a PHP install by adding two lines in your apache conf and restarting.

      Christian Anton

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