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Festival of Transition - June 20

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  • J. P.
    This morning on Rob Hopkins blog he announces a novel concept: The Festival of Transition. Timed to coincide with the Rio summit, the idea is a local
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2012
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      This morning on Rob Hopkins’ blog he announces a novel concept:  The Festival of Transition.

      Timed to coincide with the Rio summit, the idea is a local showcase of how it could be.  24 hours of possibility.


      Hopkins offers some ideas to get you thinking:


      24 hours of only eating local food

      24 hours of exchange without using money

      24 hours of dawn breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight feasts out on our street

      24 hours of life lived outdoors

      24 hours of dancing in the streets

      24 hours of guerrilla food growing

      24 hours of bringing disused premises back into use

      24 hours of talking with strangers

      24 hours of slow everything

      24 hours of consensus decision making in my school

      24 hours of imagining a day in 2062

      24 hours of transforming a derelict site

      24 hours of getting active

      24 hours of not using a car

      24 hours of inter- generational gatherings

      24 hours of swapping roles in my workplace

      24 hours of activity in my local museum

      24 hours of feasting and planning for the next generation

      24 hours of getting the high street closed and having a carnival on the street

      24 hours of making things for other people

      24 hours of working less and living more

      24 hours of reading together

      24 hours of new community celebrations and ceremonies

      24 hours of creating a community garden

      24 hours of installing solar panels

      24 hours of sharing your skills

      24 hours of random acts of kindness and spontaneous beauty

      24 hours of dreaming a new world awake



      What might you like to do?  Let’s discuss it here …


      Joanne P

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