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looking for alum. hop-ups

I recently found a 67 Camaro XMOD at a yard sale for 1.00$ it has everything AWD, full bearings,all motors available even a few after market stuff. Now I'm
Dec 7, 2005


I am in Knoxville Tn. I have not gone crazy with my XMods. I have five and My kids race with me. Anyone around Ktown?
Nov 10, 2005


Hello to all of the new members who have joined the group. Don't be shy, post messages and such so that everyone knows who we are. Tell where your from and
The Psychopatchit Juggla
Apr 6, 2005

New here

Just joined the group and decided to bore you all with the prerequsite (sp?) "about me" post. Besides my XMod (Black Honda Civic), I have a Associated TC3,
R. Shacklford
Apr 6, 2005
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