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FW: Korea - Court makes it official - he's now a woman... [TheStraits Times]

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  • Claire Ashton
    ... From: Brenda Lana Smith R.af D. Court makes it official - he s now a woman - ... http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg/topstories/story/0,4386,162112,00.html?
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      From: Brenda Lana Smith R.af D.

      Court makes it official - he's now a woman - ...

      Sunday, December 22, 2002

      Court makes it official - he's now a woman

      Request by transexual Ha Ri Su, familiar to Korean drama fans here, to
      change gender is finally granted

      SEOUL - The law in South Korea has finally caught up with what fans of
      transexual singer-actress Ha Ri Su have accepted all along: It has
      recognised her as a woman.

      The Inchon district court has granted her request for changing her gender
      and name on the family register.

      Born Lee Kyong Yop in Songnam, a town south-east of Seoul, she would be
      allowed to change her name to Lee Kyong Eun legally.

      The court said in a ruling: ''Considering that Ha has been socially
      recognised as female after her transgender operation, it is appropriate that
      we regard Ha physically as a woman.''

      The court also said the decision was made to protect her dignity as the
      Constitution guarantees the right of an individual to pursue happiness.

      The 27-year-old Ha got her name Ha Ri Su by adapting the English term ''hot

      She has used her 35-24-35 figure to launch a lucrative modelling and show
      business career.

      Ha is familiar to Korean drama fans here, having acted in the hit drama
      serial Winter Sonata.

      After breast-enhancing surgery in Japan in 1998 and a sex-change operation,
      she started singing in a nightclub, where she was talent-spotted.

      She cut two albums - Temptation and Liar - and became a successful model.

      A television commercial she did for a cosmetic company turned her into a
      household name.

      Her Adam's apple had came into full view in some scenes, shocking viewers
      who had thought that she was a woman.

      But her career has not been all smooth sailing. In October, US distributors
      decided not to use her as a model for their game, Warcraft 3.

      The straight-talking entertainer, who said her father has not really
      accepted that his only son has become a woman, is unfazed by the focus on
      her transsexuality.

      She has been quoted as saying: ''I dont want to face people and be dishonest
      about who I really am.

      ''I won't be able to hide it well.

      ''So, it's better to make it clear from the start.''

      Kindly appreciate that Brenda Lana Smith R.af D. having had no editorial
      input whatsoever in the above declines to entertain e-mail argument on its
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