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[News] [Thailand] Japanese Win "Angel Of Talent" At Miss InternationalQueen 2009

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  • Stephanie Stevens
    Pattaya Daily News, Thailand October 29, 2009 JAPANESE WIN “ANGEL OF TALENT” AT MISS INTERNATIONAL QUEEN 2009 [Photo: Miss International Queen 2009] A
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      Pattaya Daily News, Thailand

      October 29, 2009


      [Photo: Miss International Queen 2009]

      A Japanese contestant easily took out first place to win the “Angel of
      Talent” contest, which is part of the “Miss International Queen 2009”
      week that has attracted world-wide attention. This is one of several
      functions held in the run up to the grand final judging, which will be
      held at the “Tiffany Theatre” in north Pattaya on the night of
      Saturday 31st October.

      Wednesday 28th October 2009 [PDN]: - In a somewhat surprising result,
      Japanese contestants took out 1st and 2nd places in the finals of the
      "Angel of Talent" contest. This was held at the outdoor auditorium of
      the big Central-Festival shopping & entertainment complex on Pattaya’s
      Beach Road, with charity donations also being collected for Pataya’s
      “Father Ray Foundation." Prior to this there was a private TV shoot of
      the contestants in the afternoon before the public performance got
      underway at around 7.00 pm, with two past Miss International Queen
      winners being the guests of honour.

      Firstly of all the 18-contestants modelled some very modern swimwear
      designs, kindly supplied by the well known manufacturers and retailers
      known as “Phuket Mermaids.” There was no need to worry about the
      standard of this part of the fashion show as all of the contestants
      are professionals in their own right, and the remainder of the contest
      was a world class performance by some of the best in the entertainment


      Next came the interesting part, where each contestant could put on
      their own stage performance of singing, dancing, drama or any
      combination of these, and this is where their talents really became
      obvious. Entrants from the Philippines are noted for their great
      singing capabilities, which they used to advantage, and the pleasant
      singing of the tall USA contestant showed 100% professionalism. The
      petite Nepalese entrant dressed entirely in black, gave a very
      hilarious dramatisation of what can be best described as a “take off”
      of the devil’s sister.


      Our local Thai contestants featured traditional dancing, with some
      clever variations of presentation and acrobatic balance, but it was
      the two Japanese entrants, who caught the eyes of the judges. Both of
      them were superbly costumed and started their performances in somewhat
      traditional Japanese fashion, with the winner changing to a modern
      stage routine. This was a highly polished performance, and little
      wonder, as M/s Haruna is a famous star in Japan, who is also we known


      No doubt the judges had a very difficult time deciding the place
      getters in such a star studded group of entrants, but finally selected
      Japan’s M/s Haruna Ai as the winner of the “Angel of Talent 2009”
      contest. This was a very agreeable decision, as those who had been
      following the entrants closely for several days generally agreed that
      Haruna Ai exuded a charm and charisma that was absolutely delightful.


      The Japanese supporters were ecstatic when second place went to
      another of their entrants M/s Beni Tukishima, who in the final act
      played the part of a traditional Japanese dancer to perfection. This
      is not to take anything away from the third placegetter M/s Sorawee
      Nattee, who for the final performance gave an excellent rendition of
      traditional Thai dancing, with considerable grace and balancing skill.


      With entrants from the Philippines, Japan, USA, Thailand, China,
      Brazil, Malaysia, Nepal, Peurto Rico, Singapore, Spain, UK and
      Venezuela all featuring a slant on their national cultures, everyone
      is eagerly looking forward to the final judging of the “Miss
      International Queen 2009” on the night of Saturday 31st October at the
      “Tiffany Theatre” in north Pattaya.


      For further information see the website
      www.missintenationalqueen.com <http://www.missintenationalqueen.com/>
      or phone +66 (0) 3842.1700 (-5) or
      E-mail tiffany@...


      News Type : Entertainment
      Story : Harry Green
      Photo : Kampee/Jirawat VDO

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