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58Re: IAP Flashkeys overwritten, "wrong Keys!"

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  • Patrick Doll
    Mar 16, 2006
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      Hi tms470man,

      yes I found the Flash API routines, with them it was possible to program the flash on
      other boards(development board and my own system) without problems! The one board on
      that I tried my "own" flash programming routine, is still not working (good luck I
      have several boards...). I dont think that I´ve overwritten the MSM keys, because I
      can still program into RAM and debug it. I use the IAR Embedded Workbench kickstart
      Version 4.31 as well as the evaluation Version from the IAR website.

      for the locked board I tried programs with the unmodified linker/macro files and the
      demo programs. But it occurs the error "Wrong Keys!" when the flashloader tries to
      load the flash. Nevertheless I would be glad to be able to "repair" the locked board.

      thx regards,

      Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 22:22:27 -0000
      From: "tms470man" <tms470man@...>
      Subject: Re: IAP Flashkeys overwritten, "wrong Keys!"

      TI supplies the Flash API routines and a application note to program
      the flash in system. Do not attempt to create you own routines.

      Since this part has the memory security if you over wrote the flash
      key you would have over writen the MSM keys as well. So check you did
      not change the flash macro file or the linker to a different
      configuration. Try one of the demo programs.

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