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49Re: Things are pretty quiet here

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  • asel34
    Nov 29 3:55 PM
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      Ever consider using lesser (smaller package) micros on a common
      communication bus? Motorola has the 32 bit freescale in a 54 pin SOIC
      package. Maybe a couple of serial driver boards for a group of segments.

      > Hey all... I'm trying to use a TMS470A1-256 for a robotic snake I'm
      > building. I like the fact that it can control >12 servos with one
      > chip, that has lots of memory (for my app anyways) and can use CAN
      > bus control. Also, it has 16 ADC ports, which I require.
      > The problem is trying to get it into a board I can fit on my robot.
      > If anyone has any advice on how to go about getting the TMS470 onto a
      > small (2"x2") board with a JTAG interface, I'd appreciate the help.
      > I've never done it before, and the prototype board I have (IAR
      > Systems board) is waaaaayyyy too big (i.e. lots of space I'm not
      > using).
      > Is this even possible? I'd like to use the JTAG interface that came
      > with the prototype board to plug into this smaller board. Can I do
      > it? I'm so lost...
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