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306TMS470-P256 halt issues

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  • bender33a
    Mar 10, 2014
      I am having issues with a TMS470-P256 (TMS470A256 , specs http://bit.ly/1i4NiJG) with a TIAO USB multi protocol adapter (sometimes referred as TUMPA, see http://bit.ly/NRUP3k) on Windows 7 64 bit and openocd 7.0 (verified also on openocd-0.8.0-dev-131214220512, can post the cfg if useful). The dev board is powered  by USB. 
      Gdb can connect just fine to the gdb port as long as it does not try to do anything meaningful. 
       I basically manage to command the board fairly well  but  as I can't halt the mcu. I tried in several ways,  but  everything halt related just timeouts. I also managed to have IAR Workbench compile and link correctly the example application, but as I try to download and debug  it fails for the same reason.  I understand it could be related to the MSM of the mcu, so I made a few tries (see for example http://bit.ly/1irwdrJ) but as long as I try to access a memory location it says the target has to be stopped first. The reset onboard button doesn't help too...'pool' gives me a steady running target.
       Please note that I am not going to develop on the 470, it's just a dev board that happens to be around, but it would be great using it to learn without buying something else right now.
      What i briefly ask is:
      1) A different JTAG programmer would help?
      2) I am just not initing the MSM correctly? 
      3) Powering the board via the external connector could help?  I have several sp**.pdf files from TI abound tms470, including one about MSM, but how exactly I am supposed to init the msm on openocd is not really clear.
      4) Have you got a TMS470A256.cfg for openocd hanging around?
      5) Should the issue be on the jtag programmer, can you suggest a modest Jtag interface that works both with TMS470 and TMS320 (dev board TMX320-P28027 specifically) and works directly with IAR and CCS? Windows or Linux OS doesn't matter.



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