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  • JohnStosh
    Sep 26, 2009
      Bon jour Maxwell,

      I don't see that part number (TMS470PSF671A) on the TI web site (ti.com)
      When I look under the TMS470R1B1M I see manuals.
      That page used to have the bulk of the manuals.  Google tells me they are now at:  
      The HET manual is SPNU199 the current rev letter appears to be D.
      I'm remembering the HET having two manuals.  I don't see the other at the moment.  The first manual might give you the SPNU number for the second one.
      The main User's Guide for the TMS470 may include some useful HET information.
      You'll want to reference the data sheet for your particular part number to see the details such as how to configure HET ram to a particular address and how much HET ram your device has.

      A biento,

      From: tiofack maxwell <titikluivert@...>
      To: johnstosh@...
      Cc: TMS470_ARM@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, September 26, 2009 10:53:55 AM

      HI John,
      which TI manuals ?can you please sent it to me ?  i m using the TMS470PSF671A ( Datasheet jointed)
      i really dont know how i can do it. because i didnt see it before and i have to do it now because im doing a praktika on it. Can you please give me all document you use ?? have you write a programm with Assembler and flash it on the board with FLASH470 ?
      thank you in advance
      best Regards

      Maxwell NG

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