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260Re:[TMS470_ARM] TMS470R1B1M with MicroC/OS-II

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  • JohnStosh
    May 26, 2009
      Hey Guys,
      The TMS470R1B1M is a great processor.  I'm using it with IAR and FreeRTOS.
      In general, I recommend using the SCI port with DMA to transmit characters for RS-232 encoding.  You'll need to connect the TTL pins to an RS-232 driver/transceiver.

      The SCI port receive might be better off without the DMA because it is a bit tricky to get it to work.  Perhaps someone else can make suggestions about that.

      I've had baud rates like 230400 and 500000 working, but you ought to be able to go higher than that if you try.

      For doing the raw SCI port, there's example code from TI.
      For doing the task, there's example code from uC/OS II.

      Remember that there's a separate interrupt for DMA:
             REQMASK |= (1<<18);    // DMA interrupt 0

      You'll need to turn on DMA on the transmitter or receiver in order to use it
          // Enable receive
          SCICTL1(base) = SCICTL1_RX_ENABLE
          #ifdef USEDMA
                  + (3<<5)

          // Enable transmit
          // NOTE: Turning on the CONT bit appears to mess up the transmitter.
          // This may be part of the electrical noise problems when the JTAG probe is attached.
          SCICTL2(base) = SCICTL2_TX_ENABLE
          #ifdef USEDMA
                  + (1<<5)

      You'll need to set up the correct code numbers for DMA
      // In-chip peripherals are code 0x0F as indicated below in these macros.
      #define DMAC(dmaPacket) *(volatile long *)(0xFFFFF800+0x10*dmaPacket)
      #define DMAC_SOURCE_RAM (  (1 << 9) + (0x02 << 1)  )
      #define DMAC_SOURCE_MODULE ( 0x0F << 1 )
      #define DMAC_DESTINATION_RAM (   (1 << 11) + (0x02 << 5)  )
      #define DMAC_DESTINATION_MODULE ( 0x0F << 5 )

      Finally, read the errata for the TMS470r1b1m and use equal bus preferencing.

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      Subject: Re:[TMS470_ARM] TMS470R1B1M with MicroC/OS-II
      To: "Caio Rossi" <rossicaio@...>
      Cc: "TMS470_ARM" <TMS470_ARM@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Monday, May 18, 2009, 8:37 AM

      hi , i am glad to see you are you developing your application in IAR or ADS platform ? i am developoing a project using the uCOS in IAR software. we may have technical exchange and study each other. thanks MR.fu

      在2009-05-18,"Caio Rossi" <rossicaio@gmail. com> 写道:


      I have a TMS470R1B1M evaluation board with MicroC/OS-II running.
      And I need to write a task which sends data through RS232_2 port.
      Does anyone know how to do it?
      I really appreciate any help.

      Thanks in advance,

      穿越地震带 纪念汶川地震一周年

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