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256Re: [TMS470_ARM] tms470 startup problems

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  • JohnStosh
    Apr 20 9:38 AM
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      From a practical aspect ...
      You must link your code at 0x0000,0000 so that when the TMS470 executes it then things work.   The FLASH memory will show up in the memory with many mirrored copies at various addresses, but just ignore all the copies and use the one starting at zero.
      Hope this helps,

      --- On Sat, 4/18/09, fuhailong03 <fuhailong03@...> wrote:

      From: fuhailong03 <fuhailong03@...>
      Subject: [TMS470_ARM] tms470 startup problems
      To: TMS470_ARM@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Saturday, April 18, 2009, 11:46 PM

      hi ,i am new to program tms470 ARM .
      i am using the IAR TMS470 kickstart from the website of TI  to develop my ARM7  of tms470r1vf48c.
      but i am having  difficulty with one aspect.
      I have a project that I'd like to run from flash everytime the
      board starts up.

      ---my problem is that what does the sentence ' the flash or rom is mirrored throughout the bottom 2G bytes of the memory map' means ?
      i want to say, is this explaination right ?

      ---this explaination
      is that after reset there are many memory region 0,so i can load the boot program in someone memory region 0 of the  bottom 2G bytes of the memory . what do you think of my explaination?

      ---because the arm processor run the first instruction  by default at the address 0x0000 0000 after reset ,
      if i have loaded  the boot program in some memory region 0  other than 0x0000 0000, how can the arm processor find the first instruction after reset  because there is no any instruction in the address 0x0000 0000 .

      thanks in advance .


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