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178Re: [TMS470_ARM] Re: Use J-link to download gcc compiled code?

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  • JohnStosh
    Feb 20, 2008
      You might use a raw-binary file and then get IAR to burn it.
      You would create a project with a dummy executable to provide the .sim file which iar needs.
      The dummy project would have an assembly file with an empty .text section.
      The raw-binary file would be handed to the IAR tools and you would tell IAR that it contains a .text section.
      The configuration of the project would need to specify the jlink programmer.
      You'd also probably need a macro file or something to configure the TMS470's address space.
      I have 9/10ths of this working today, after receiving an email from IAR tech support.  I hope to get the final pieces working tomorrow.

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      Swapping the ELF file might work for debugging (I haven't tried it
      It looks like to actually program the flash you need IAR's debug
      output file [ .dxx ] and IAR's simple binary format [ .sim ] which
      allows you to use their flash loader to program the flash. The flash
      loader is a RAM resident program that downloads the code but to use
      IAR's I would need to convert the output from GCC to the two formats
      used by IAR.
      I haven't found any simple solutions yet. I think using the jlink-GDB
      server to download
      A flash loader to RAM would work but then I would either need to know
      the USB/JLINK interface or have the flash loader download from the
      UART. I haven't looked in to it yet but OpenOCD looks like it has
      potential since there is supposed to be a patch so the JLINK works
      with it.

      --- In TMS470_ARM@yahoogro ups.com, "johnstosh" <johnstosh@. ..> wrote:
      > You might be able to, but I wouldn't hold your breath. I'm VERY
      > interested in hearing what you find out. Have you considered
      > IAR to generate a binary file format and then "swapping in" you gcc
      > created data in place of the original?
      > I think IAR will do ELF format. Does gcc? Even if it does, is it
      > SAME elf format and a close enough varient to actually work?
      > Although IAR will generate a 2nd output file from the linker, will
      > only burn its primary output file?
      > --- In TMS470_ARM@yahoogro ups.com, "john" <j_w_myers@> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > I have the TMS470 KickStart kit.
      > > I want to start programming with gcc.
      > > Is it possible to use the J-link to download a program compiled
      > > gcc to the TMS470?
      > >

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