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125Re: HET470 assembler Command Line options

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  • Sandy
    Nov 2, 2006
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      --- In TMS470_ARM@yahoogroups.com, "wickdastic" <twick@...> wrote:
      > Has anyone come across the command line option switches for the
      > assembler? the example shows -hc and IAR has a appnote about using
      > -iiiii. Are there others? Just what does the het470wrap.exe do?

      I messed with some of the command line options a while ago when
      writing the heta assembler. The IAR het470wrap.exe as I recall was a
      way to get the command line parameters from the IAR environment into
      the Het470.exe (from TI). I think the problem was that the paths for
      the file might be too long for the Het470 command lines or something
      like that, as well as setting some environment variables. You can
      run Het470 by itself, but I don't remember if it will tell you all
      the command line options. Most I found were for code generation

      The HETA.exe that is in the file section should also work, and has
      some extra features, BUT has at least one bug in the code
      generation, the storage modifier 'volatile' is in the wrong place in
      the genereate code. Easy fix.


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