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Re: New file uploaded to TMD700A

Thank you. It is one of several papers I looked for when I got interested in something, but couldn't find, so I wrote them. It's a curse at times... (;-)
Jun 4

Re: New file uploaded to TMD700A

Steve...thanks for the update on APRS. Some good info in this article. 73 Mike VE7MKD
Jun 3

New file uploaded to TMD700A

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the TMD700A group. File : /K9DCI's Excel
Jun 3

ham gear scammer

just to let everyone know i should have known better to send a moneyorder and got ripped off for buying a d700 head uni, while doing some checking this is what
May 31

Re: found d700a remote head

Curious what did you pay for it? I am also looking for one for my D700a that the control head went bell up and is not repairable. So if another one appears I
Luke Bugler
May 30

found d700a remote head

just to let everyone know i have bought a head unit from someone on the group for my tm-700a thanks for everyone who read my request
May 30

Re: setting up memory groups

So there's no mistake, My last info for Memory Groups was for trhe D710. In essence, the first of the three Memory numbers *IS* the Group number. -- 73, Steve,
May 20

Re: setting up memory groups

Mike, The group that a frequency is in is determined by the Memory Number you store it in , when you store the frequency. Example. Around home, let's say you
May 20

Re: setting up memory groups

The TM-D710A & TH-D72A are identical in this regard. 73 de Dennis KD7CAC Scottsdale, AZ ... The TM-D710A & TH-D72A are identical in this regard. 73 de Dennis
Dennis Griffin
May 16

Re: setting up memory groups

I read that...still not really understanding it..also want to setup the same thing with TH72a ht. Mike VE7MKD On Saturday, May 16, 2015 11:47 AM, "Dennis
May 16

Re: setting up memory groups

Kenwood has a different approach to memory groups - they are determined while saving memories, not after the fact. So, any frequencies you save to memory
Dennis Griffin
May 16

setting up memory groups

Does anyone have a tutorial or video on setting up memory groups with the TM D710a. When I'm out of town I would like to have my group for where I am so all I
May 16

D700 v D710ga

With the recent demise of my GPS, I am looking at using my 700 as a base station, and getting a 710. Is their someone that has both that would be willing to
Rich Waite
May 16

Re: D710 Inhibit APRS beacon

OK, my apologies. I was in a hurry to get the info out and wanted to make sure I was responding to the right question. 73 Randy ... -- Randy Allen, KAƘAZS
Randy Allen
May 16

Re: D710 repetitive restarting

Few things come to mind: - pop out the fuses in each of the holders, squeeze the contact holders together a bit and put the fuses back in - when you turn the
David Ranch
May 15
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