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Re: unlockikng the 700a

hello group thank yu for all of your relies.i have the radio unlocked.i have never used the mic keypad to control the radio.. Leonard
Nov 20

Re: unlockikng the 700a

Are you trying to control the radio through the mic? I keep hitting the switch on the back of the mike disabling the keypad and the contols I use it for.
Nov 20

Re: Unlocking the TMD-700A

Manual page 67. Press the f key then mhz (meaning the frequency dial knob, press down not turning it). Or mhz (see above) and power on for all lock. Works as
Amir Findling
Nov 20

Re: unlockikng the 700a

Page 67 of the manual - Is this your problem age    Greg Flanagan N4GMF [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Greg Flanagan
Nov 20

Unlocking TMD-700AG & Software

Hello Leoanrd , now that you have the unlocking information per your request by Yono YD0NXX , here is a program that works well with that radio. ... The
Nov 20

Re: unlockikng the 700a

hello group thank you i now have the radio unlocked Leonard
Nov 20

Unlocking the TMD-700A & Mods

There are other mods for this radio that I am referring to. 73 from Bill - WD8ARZ South Bend, Indiana expecting snow storm tomorrow Saturday
Nov 20

Re: unlockikng the 700a

Press the F1 button (the one just to the right of the big knob on the left ), then press that big knob. That'll unlock the radio. 73 de Yono YD0NXX Sent from
Suryono Adisoemarta
Nov 20

Unlocking the TMD-700A

Whats your call sign Leonard? Have some info I can share with you about this. 73 from Bill - WD8ARZ
Nov 20

Re: unlockikng the 700a

hello group one thing i forgot to mention in my previews post.i push the buttons that are on the bottom of the control head it comes up ( lock off F> MHZ)does
Nov 20

Multiplexor troubles

My Band A on my D700a is not receiving well anymore. I get some audio but there is a garbled noise coming out on top of it as well. I believe there is a
Nov 19

Re: unlockikng the 700a

Maybe a partial or full reset, page 41 of manual Andy K3UK On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 9:43 PM, Leonard.Keepers@... [TMD700A]
Andrew O'Brien
Nov 19

unlockikng the 700a

hello group i did something that i have never done with my 700a i somehow locked it up and cannot access the functions of the radio. i tried googling and
Nov 19

Re: APRS map display options with ipad

Another option is to get one of the Microsoft Surface tablets (except for the RT) whcih run standard Windows, support normal hardware, and has a standard sized
Oct 28

Re: APRS map display options with ipad

Hmmm. if you had a Windows CE machine, the answer would be to use the free program from APRSIS32CE author, but you would have to have downloaded the OSM maps
Patrick Ryan KC6VVT
Oct 27
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