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Re: D710 loss of RX sensitivity

Yes - the A-band on my D710 is silent for wide FM. If I tune it to the local weather service and switch to narrow FM, I can receive it. There is a YouTube
Dan Huber
Apr 8

D710 loss of RX sensitivity

Hello, My D710 recently has lost it's RX sensitivity. I have swapped the antenna out (on the NMO side, so it used the same cable and connectors), and it did
Apr 8

Re: D710: APRS and 4RRX1T? = mystery solved!

Honestly, this is weird. As stated, I am doing APRS and not AX25 Packet. On the Radio ONLY (no software or PC). This is entirely on both the D710 and a D72A.
Mar 19

Re: D710: APRS and 4RRX1T?

Only thing in tocalls that I see anywhere close to that are this: APRRTx RPC electronics APRXxx >40 APRSmax APRXxx <39 for OH2MQK's RX-igate Charlie
Charles Blackburn
Mar 19

Re: D710: APRS and 4RRX1T?

If you have your D710 set up for packet, that implies that you're running an APRS program on a computer connected to the radio.. What program are you running?
John Rice
Mar 19

D710: APRS and 4RRX1T?

I have my D710 setup for packet and notice that all my raw data starts out like this... N8AYE
Mar 19

Re: CHIRP wont load freqs into D700

Just type the frequency etc, in the software and it automatically loads to the radio. On Mar 14, 2015 9:53 PM, "wt5zz@... [TMD700A]"
Steven KA9MOT
Mar 14

CHIRP wont load freqs into D700

I have just started to use Chirp but when I try to upload it says that the radio in live mode so I cant upload. How do I get it to not be in Live mode? I can
Mar 14

Daylight Savings Time reminder

Don't forget to adjust the Time Zone in your radio(s) if you are affected by the implementation of US Daylight Savings Time TH-D72: Menu-Radio-Axillary-196
Randy Allen
Mar 8

Re: Connecting D700 to WX Station

I have the same setup. UI-View32 is the software package that I use to integrate the D700 with the weather station. If you need any more info, please let me
Bob Furman
Mar 7

Connecting D700 to WX Station

I am running a Davis Vantage Pro 2 and a Kenwood TM-D700. I would like to connect the two together. I have all the necessary cables and Datalogger from
Mar 6

Re: Software question

I have used UI-VIEW 32 with Precision Streets, SA, and Google maps for years. I use them for Search and Rescue, road races, walk-a-thons, and many other public
Mar 5

Re: Digest Number 2896

I used my TM-D700 with the APRSIS32 software for the 3 day MS Challenge Walk in Wisconsin. I ran net control and APRS from theTM-D700 without any problems. I
David Sprangers
Mar 4

Re: software question

Another vote for APRSIS32. I use it with a D700 when working net control at various public service events quite successfully. Event coordinators are always
Randy Allen
Mar 3

Re: software question

I am using APRSIS32 free program on a Win7 computer system on a Kenwood TS-2000 in the shack. This radio has the same internal TNC as the Kenwood TM-D700
Patrick Ryan KC6VVT
Mar 3
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