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Re: MCP-D700 Programming problems I get the same error for my D700 but the Keyspan adaptor works fine with my D7Ag.
Mar 29
Re: (fix squelch) My radio (my TMD700a) has a tendency of its volume to get louder and louder until its at highest volume without me touching the radio. How do I fix it or where
Richard Parker
Mar 24
Re: (unknown) We can't unsubscribe you, as we didn't subscribe you in the first place. However, you can do it yourself by following the instructions: "Unsubscribe:
Mar 23
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Mar 23
(no subject) unsubscribe me please?
Bob Myers
Mar 23
Re: Virtual Machines - Programming Kenwood Radios With Virtual Machi Most virtual machines don't give the programs direct access to the ports, i'm not sure about macs, but unfortunately this is how it is under windows and linux.
Charles Blackburn
Mar 7
Virtual Machines - Programming Kenwood Radios With Virtual Machines Good afternoon everyone. Today I bring the topic of virtual machines and programming Kenwood radios to you, in case someone tries to do program, and reaches an
Mar 6
Re: Fwd: [TMD700A] VFO Problems Noel, No that was a good suggestion. At least I found out how easy it was to take apart and it doesn't look like it would be too difficult to replace. Just 4
Ron Wenig
Mar 1
Re: Fwd: [TMD700A] VFO Problems Ron, Sorry I led you down the wrong path. The fix I gave worked for mine. Keep the group posted as to the actual fix in case someone else runs into the same
Noel Seeley
Mar 1
Re: Fwd: [TMD700A] VFO Problems Hi Doug, It's all the time on any channel not just when it's on the APRS channel. Usually I change to a different memory channel when it's quiet and I'm
Ron Wenig
Mar 1
Re: Fwd: [TMD700A] VFO Problems Does it exhibit this problem all the time, or just sometimes? My D700 will do this when there is traffic on the APRS side of the radio and (I assume) the
Doug Alderdice
Mar 1
Fwd: [TMD700A] VFO Problems I took the remote head apart which was not too difficult. I put some tuner cleaner in the encoder and did a complete reset but still not fixed so it's
Ron Wenig
Mar 1
Re: VFO Problems Thanks Noel, I'll give that a try. Ron ny3j
Ron Wenig
Feb 27
Re: VFO Problems Ron, The VFO knob is a rotary encoder and could probably benefit from a flush with contact cleaner. Shouldn't be a big deal to get at it and clean it out.
Noel Seeley
Feb 27
VFO Problems Hi Everyone, I wanted to get comments about my problem before I start tearing things apart. When I turn the VFO to change memory positions sometimes it will
Ron Wenig
Feb 27
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Re: Repair facilities/locaitons for our radios Thank you very much. I will look into Avid.
Feb 15
Re: Repair facilities/locations for our radios You're not thinking of:  www.avsl.net ? I've always used them for my Kenwood repairs.  Great work! 73, Kim - WG8S ... From: "WX5IRL" To:
Feb 15
Re: Repair facilities/locations for our radios I have used AAVid twice in the past. Excellent service. I would send my equipment to him anytime. 5 thumbs up ! _____ From: TMD700A@yahoogroups.com
Feb 15
Garmin data to Kenwood About data to/from new Garmin map devices to Kenwoods: When Garmin made satellite navigators with a round connector and 4 pins, 2 of the pins were for data
Feb 14
Re: Repair facilities/locaitons for our radios Sorry, I fat fingered that message. The correct name is AVVid and the website is avvid.com Been a long day... 73 Michael Amateur radio @ K1MLG
Michael Gardner
Feb 14
Re: Repair facilities/locaitons for our radios Out of curiosity, I did some googling. It is actually AAVid and the website is aavid.com 73 Michael Amateur radio @ K1MLG
Michael Gardner
Feb 14
Re: Repair facilities/locaitons for our radios Avid does Kenwood repairs, he fixed my TS2000 and if my D700 or D710 would have a problem I will send it to him to fix it. Have a great day. James KC9KTV
Feb 14
Re: Blank Display Dennis, Yeah, it is unfortunate that the D700 guys don't have an option if their control head goes bad. I also have a D700 that I've had since early 1999. It's
Jim K5JG
Feb 14
Re: Blank Display Hi Jim, Sorry about that. Yes, I realize now that it is as you say. That hasn't been particularly clear in the past, but in looking closer at the linked
Dennis Griffin
Feb 14
Re: Blank Display The RC-D710 is not a replacement for the D700 control head. It provides no radio control functionality for any radios other than the D710 and the V71. All the
Jim K5JG
Feb 14
Re: Blank Display ... According to the info at the link below, an RC-D710 does work with a TM-D700. I will pass this email on to an OM that may be interested in your RC-D710,
Dennis Griffin
Feb 14
Re: Blank Display Does anyone have the R-2000 remote head? Although manufactured for the TS-2000, I understand it will serve as a replacement remote head for the TM-D700A, and
Patrick Ryan KC6VVT
Feb 14
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Re: Repair facilities/locaitons for our radios Do an internet search. I am sure Kenwood has authorized repair centers nationwide in most areas.' John
John Wilson
Feb 13
Repair facilities/locaitons for our radios Hi folks- Does anyone have the contact information for companies/individuals who are able to diagnose and perform repairs on our rigs?  Given how old our
Ryan Gardner
Feb 13
Re: Blank Display It means that power is getting to the head, you're right, but that doesn't mean that the 'data' required for display is getting there, or that the 'display'
Feb 13
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