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Re: [TIM_TEAM2006] Update from Courtney

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  • Courtney Yum
    My Dear TIM family, Hello!, how are you doing?? Didn t write to you all for a long time. Life for me is really challenging and colorful. I love what I am doing
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 27, 2011
    My Dear TIM family,

    Hello!, how are you doing?? Didn't write to you all for a long time. Life for me is really challenging and colorful. I love what I am doing now( as a teacher),.

    Our summer start and I have taken a month off from school.

    I am now in the Seoul airport, awaiting my flight to Israel. I will take a short course for 3 weeks in Jerusalem University College and spend another week tour around myself.  I have been waiting for this trip for a year and finally I can move on of my dream
    A very strange idea come to me, from the scripture in Acts 10: 23-48, i have a feeling that I should not plan for the route to go, just wait and something is going to lead me through the trip. Very crazy, this is the first time that I go by myself for such a long time and also without planning., i even left my tour book at home; so now, I go with empty handed.  A bit strange but really excited. hahaha.

    This is how God called Abraham " To go" , without telling him where and how....must be another lesson to come.
    But you know what? last night when I come from HK to Korea, they upgraded me from economy class to business class for free, what a luxury, very nice service, nice bed, nice food. But when i look around, I felt like I am not belong to this class cos people are all dress up and really business-like look. GOD knew that I am really exhausted ( cos I just came back from the exchange tour with students last Fri) and gave me this bonus, reminded me that He is the one to Provide. He can do all things and He really cares for me.

    Friends, you know when I think of this, I burst into tears for His love. He loves YOU and all human being. Trust HIM, WAIT FOR HIM.

    You can see my update in facebook... let's chat ....
    Courtney in Seoul.

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    Dear TIM bro's and sis's

    Here I am, in the rainy Netherlands, behind my computer, writing my email to you.
    Im back in Netherlands now for 2 months... and am missing African-life a lot.
    As you know, I met Andrew in Malawi. After Malawi, me and my friend Hillie went to Benin. From Benin we went to Togo. And in Togo.... I visited Dodzi!! in Lomé. It was great! I can tell you all that Dodzi is very well. Dodzi, I can still really see this moment in my head when we first met.
    I can not explain to all of you how strange but amazingly great it is to meet each other in real life, somewhere on this planet, after such a long time.
    Suddenly this person is there to hold and to talk to... Just like the meeting with Andrew. Its so bizarre. On the other hand, very soon it feels so natural because we know each other so well.
    Anyway, me and my friend Hillie got to spend quite some time with Dodzi, his wife and his son. Dodzi has a great family! Sorry, not a good picture of Mireille, Dodzi's wife, but there's a very nice pic of Dad Dodzi&son. It was so nice to meet them, and to see how they are living as a family.
    We also visited a conference/opening ceremony of Dodzi's work. Dodzi in the working-mode, very interesting ;-) And went to church together (for Dutch perspective a very long service, haha). Unfortunately Hillie got ill during this time, so we were not able to move out a lot, but with Dodzi & family around this was ok. Actually it was very good to have a local friend around when one is sick.

    When Hillie was better, we got ready to go to Ghana. This was quite risky because of visa-issues, but, we made it (with a lot less money in the pocket because we had to bribe the people at the border! ... africa). We were looking forward to Ghana because of the English. The other countries we visited were French, and both of our French is not good, so we were looking forward to speaking English. Unfortunately the people were a lot less friendly and the country very touristy in not such a nice way. So we were happy to go to Mali, speak French again, and just mingle with the people. Mali is really a great country by the way. If you ever go that direction, make sure to visit it. Then we went on to Senegal, Dakar. And from Dakar to Cabo Verde, which we had to fly to instead of using public transport because Cabo Verde is an Island group left of norh africa and going by boat takes days. In Cabo Verde was the anual carnaval when we were there. This is the biggest festival of the whole year, so you can imagine it was really great. It was quite shocking after traveling in countries where the knees are already seen as 'sexy', to see all these people dance in, well, something like underwear (certainly not more then underwear) :-)
    Unfortunately for us, from Cabo Verde we fly to Amsterdam, Netherlands, as it is time for us to go home.

    And here I am now. With a big terrible rash on my face because of my misery. Okay, Im exaggerating; the rash is there, but Im not that much in misery, just a little ;-)

    I came home with a very blanc 'head'. Before I went, I had plans to study, but during my traveling, all my plans went up in the air and I came home with NO plans. No plans, justing taking life as it comes.
    Now that Im back in NL, many questions about myself and what I want to do with my life start rising up again.
    Isnt that strange?

    Well, this was my update.
    Im curious about your's...

    Im going to get in touch with CWM.
    I feel like I need to do something with this experience. And I need to do something about the follow-up of TIM. It cant be that someone like Andrew, after a program like TIM, is working in the supermarket.

    Take care all of you.
    Be blessed.
    Keep it cool.


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