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  • Tameka Beckford
    hi Guys, How are you all? Its seems like ages since I have written but never the less HELLO. Things are going ok for and with me still doing the work of the
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 1, 2009
      hi Guys,
      How are you all?
      Its seems like ages since I have written but never the less HELLO.
      Things are going ok for and with me still doing the work of the Lord as best as I can.
       Iwrite to you all wishing those who have celebrated there birthdays throughout the year HAPPY  BELATED BIRTHDAYS. ToCurtney and Andrew who is crlebrating theres today may the Lord grant you many more.
      Compliments of the season to all Merry Christmas and a Happy fullfilled and Prosperous New Year.
      Reuben Congratulations on your proposal and your soon to be wedding. I will not be able to attend but you and your wife to be and family are in my prayers always.
      until later
      Love you guys

      From: reuben laloo <reubengilbert@...>
      To: TIM_TEAM2006@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, December 20, 2008 8:30:41 AM
      Subject: [TIM_TEAM2006] My Wedding Invitation Card...

      Hi Guys as you know that my wedding is on the 6 january 2009.. With this invitation card I extend my warm welcome to all of you..
      Blessed holidays and Merry Christmas

      rdisthecoolestguyin world@yahoo. co.in> wrote:
      From: Richard <richardisthecoolest guyinworld@ yahoo..co. in>
      Subject: [TIM_TEAM2006] People People where are you?
      To: TIM_TEAM2006@ yahoogroups. com
      Date: Saturday, 13 December, 2008, 6:55 AM

      I know people that each and everyone is so busy, or some are angry
      with each other (shsshhhhh) but hey This is Christmas Season, and its
      been 2 years now that we guys have seen each other (most of us) ( at
      least i had privilege to see marieke and later ruben and humphry)

      So pull us your sock, bring your ass down, write on Yahoo ( as we all
      know that we (all of us) has not stopped using internet) .

      so there is my life since last update -
      so in Oct2-21 i was in USA, Woo hoo, i was there to create a larger
      support group for my Organization named Catalyst. and also to meet the
      leaders in Leadership foundations. this trip was a success, and i have
      gain a lot from it. And on the other hand this trip was so wonderful
      as well , i was able to went to Seatle ( all those Grey's Anatomy's
      Fan - i was there), also went for 3 weekend in Las Vegas (nice) , 1
      week in Los Angels ( hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studio etc etc)
      Denver and colorado springs ...and many other places..so i had a great
      time in there and as this was falls so leafs were changing colors and
      it was B-E-A-u-Tiful.

      later we have rented a place to start as Night Shelter for this
      homeless street kids we work with, for the last 2 days i am painting
      that place, i love painting, as i have to freedom to play with my
      favorite colors. Muuuaaahhhh. and i as trying to raise some local
      funds for this place, and so many people have come forward to help us
      - so finding God's favor. Halleuah

      So this Jan, Reuben is finally getting WED to HEP. so people try to
      come and if can not send him your blessings and keep him in your
      prayers ( hey reuben you are in my prayers always) and also on 16th of
      Dec his elder brother James is getting wed, so keep the family in
      prayers. 2 wedding in less then a month. Nice.

      people tell me how are you? marieke it would be wonderful to meet you
      in june on CWM expense ahaha, Court are you coming? or NOt for
      Reuben's? Tomeka sweetheart how are you ? (hey forgive me i was an Ass
      ) (to err is human, to forgive is Divine), Dodzi, hey man how is
      married life, are you going to be a proud papa soon? andrew, teroi,
      esther, busi how are you all? and ofcours jabu.

      hey people have a great holiodays. Happy holidays.

      love you all and miss you. wish we all could have met each other on



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