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  • drobbins
    Or as it is more affectionately known to long-time Marvel fans: WHAT IF THOR WENT NUTZOID. A new mini arc began this issue in what is assuredly the longest
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2003
      Or as it is more affectionately known to long-time Marvel

      A new mini arc began this issue in what is
      assuredly the longest story ever to grace the
      Real Deal's title.

      Yes, the long-anticipated REIGNING has begun.

      More after our courtesy---








      EARTH 2170
      Writer: Jurgens
      Pencils: Eaton
      And a bunch of other nice folks
      And the Q and Jemas, too.

      Dan Jurgens has finally brought us to the Reigning,
      heralded literally years ago---real time---and only now
      coming to dramatic fruition.

      In this issue Jurgens leap-frogs yet again to
      the year 2170. Asgard still rules Midgard.
      Mankind has been plunged back to
      the Middle Ages. Electricity is a thing of past.
      Horses are the preferred mode of speedy travel.

      So complete has the subjugation of Midgard
      culture become, that everything---everything---
      is now tinged with Asgardian overtones.
      Place names are an example; Boston
      is now Bostogardd.
      Personal names, too: girls, for instance,
      have names like 'Jordahl'.

      This story opens with a girl by that name,
      who is caught stealing at the New Asgard bazaar
      and must flee from the guards, who, aply enough,
      are called 'Asguards'.

      She escapes only to be slammed into by someone falling
      from a time portal.

      It turns out to be Thialfi, who when last seen,
      was battling the Tomorrow Man during
      the battle on Old Asgard shortly
      before Thor assumed complete
      lordship of Midgard.

      The girl befriends him, and he is shocked
      to learn of the changes that have taken place.
      But they have barely begun to talk when
      they are taken prisoner by Loki, who demands
      information or he will extract it.

      At this point, Thor appears,
      and the issue ends.

      High points:

      Where to begin?
      Taken as a WHAT IF, the issue is enjoyable.
      The Asgard-ruling-Midgard riff is still novel
      enough to be interesting. The constant hopping
      around is a distraction, but that's presumably
      so Jurgens can bring this tale to its

      Taken as an issue of Thor, the stupidities are legion.
      Has Jurgens forgotten that Asgardians are
      stronger and faster than your average human?
      Apparently so, for he has Jordahl escape
      from two of them with ridiculous ease.

      Then there is the inanity of the whole
      'Asgard-speak'. Yes, it's historically
      typical for conquerors to rename cities
      and countries they conquer, but
      'Bostogardd' is just plain silly,
      and 'Asguards' is just plain dumb.

      And apparently the years have
      not been kind to Loki.
      Senility has set in, to the
      point where he doesn't
      recognize Thialfi.

      Then there's that final panel.
      Jurgens had achieved a remarkable feat;
      he has turned Thor into Odin.
      Complete with an eye patch.
      Nevermind that Asgardians age
      slowly; nevermind that it should take
      untold millenia for Thor to age as much
      as he has in just a hundred and seventy

      Jurgens has so completely turned the basic
      premise behind THOR on its mythological
      and superheroic head that there virtually
      is no basic premise anymore.

      Anything goes, and will in the issues ahead.

      On the Mjolnir meter we'll give this one
      a 6, primarily for the art.

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