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Re: [ Thor Fans ] What's Living Lightning,anyway?

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  • drobbins
    ... In a nutshell, an Avenger who has the power to transform himself into, errr, living lightning . ... of ... and ... A couple of notes. It was Eric
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2001
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      Johnny asked:

      > What is Living Lightning?

      In a nutshell, an Avenger who has the power to transform himself into,
      errr, 'living lightning'.

      > I don't know what exactly that is,but I saw when Thor beat the crap out
      > Gladiator.Gladiator beat all the Avengers,except Thor.Thor used Living
      > Lightning to stun Gladiator for good,and blasted him with Mjolnir few
      > times.Gladiator was nearly dead.If there was not Avengers who showed up
      > saved Gladiator's life from Thor-

      A couple of notes.
      It was Eric Masterson 'as' Thor; not the 'real' Thor. Eric was filling in
      while the Real Deal was 'missing'.
      Eric used the power inherent in being, even temporarily, the God of
      Thunder, to 'redirect' Living Lightning and strike the Little G. Eric then
      proceeded to unload a major carton of
      kick-butt on the Little G, slugging him a dozen times with Mjolnir. As you
      note, the Little G was beaten senseless.

      > 2.Could Thor using his strength and Mjolnir but w/o using Living
      > Lightning,Godly essence blast shrug off Hercules,Wonderman,Sub-Mariner
      > Iron man+all East Coast Avengers and all West Coast Avengers-I apologize
      > I'm asking these question once more,but I just want to know if Thor could

      > using his PURE STRENGTH shrug off the combined assault of all the
      > Avengers-Hulk did it(except),why Thor couldn't?
      > Regards,Johnny

      In another nutshell; no, sorry to say.

      Helpful Guy
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