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Reviews this week.

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  • drobbins04
    The first one won t be so much a review as a rant so you might want to skip it. As usual, if there s any Thor-related issues I ve missed, please let us know
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      The first one won't be so much
      a review as a rant so you might want to
      skip it.

      As usual, if there's any Thor-related
      issues I've missed, please let us know
      and whether you liked them or not.

      We'll begin after our usual








      Writer: Parker
      Art: couple of people
      And others.

      Don't buy this comic.

      Not unless you're an avid
      Dark Avengers fan.

      If you're strictly a thorfan
      and intend to buy it for that
      reason because Ragnarok is featured
      on the cover---don't waste
      your money.

      The cover is bogus.
      He appears in only a couple of panels
      and does absolutely nothing but lie there.

      From the cover, you'd think he had a major
      role and was involved in some terrific action.

      Marvel lied.

      Back in the day, when a superhero appeared
      on a Marvel cover, it meant that hero
      was in the story.

      Cap on the cover of a DD issue?
      Then Cap was in the story.

      Hulk on the cover of the Avengers?'
      Then Hulk was in the story.

      Much---much---later, Marvel began to
      give us covers featuring heroes who
      weren't in the stories.

      Some say they don't have a problem with that.
      They read an issue for the story and
      not the cover.

      More power to you if you are one of them.

      But some of us don't have unlimited budgets.
      Some of us collect only issues that have
      to do with our favorite characters.
      And if Marvel puts our favorite characters
      on a cover, then they damn well should
      include them in the story or we''re
      out four bucks for nothing.

      I admit this is a peeve of mine.
      Marvel has suckered me so many times
      that now I won't buy an issue until
      I look inside to see if the character
      I like is actually in it. I've put
      dozens of books back on the shelves
      because they weren't.

      On the Mjolnir Meter we'll give this a 1,
      and only because Clor is in those two panels.

      Di Giandomenico
      and others.

      The Avengers continue to try
      and bring Frank Castle to bay---
      and he continues to play them
      in crafty Castle style.

      Even though he's not on the cover---
      although his lightning is---Thor is
      featured along with the rest
      and has some cool moments.

      Rucka continues to impress.
      He writes some of the best Punisher
      in years, and here he presents
      a lopsided clash if ever there was one---
      essentially a guy with guns against
      a god and hi-tech armor and a
      supersoldier and Spider-Man---
      and has the guy with guns
      get the better of them in
      a believable way.

      Fun stuff.
      On the Mjoly Meter this pegged at

      Immonen (the female version, not the male)
      and others.

      The stellar saga with terrific art
      of Lady Sif on a berserker spree continues.

      And it is a great read.

      Perhaps because she is a lady herself,
      Kathryn Immonen writes a wonderful lady warrior.
      Sif has not seemed so 'real' in a very long time.

      We haven't seen much of Thor in this mini
      but that's okay. It's about Sif---and it's a
      testament to the storytelling prowess
      of the principals that she carries the tale
      in spectacular fashion.

      This, too, pegged at 10
      on the Mjoly Meter.
      The cover alone is worth framing
      and putting on your wall if you
      love Sif as much as, say, our
      peerless leader Don.

      And there you go.

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