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  • drobbins
    Here s the Thor stuff I caught this week. There might be some I missed. If so, please feel free to post about it. More after our usual friendly Midgardian....
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2012
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      Here's the Thor stuff I caught
      this week. There might be some I missed.

      If so, please feel free to post
      about it.

      More after our usual
      friendly Midgardian....








      Writer: DEMATTEIS
      Art: ELSON
      and other nice folks.

      Talk about a surprise scribe.
      DeMatteis has been around a while.
      You might remember him from
      KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT, or his
      hilarious stint on JUSTICE LEAGUE.

      You might also remember another name:
      Jack Kirby. How does he figure into this?
      Way back in the early days of JIM and THOR,
      JK established a pattern, of sorts.
      He'd give us a tale of Thor in Asgard and
      the Nine Realms, and one of Thor here on
      Midgard---and then send Thor off into deep
      space for some of the Real Deal's more
      cosmic adventures.

      And that's what DeMatteis has done here.

      It's 'really' good.
      The plot: Oblivion wants
      to wipe out all existence.
      Through a series of nicely
      developed elements, Thor
      winds up teamed with the
      Silver Surfer and none other
      than the Big G---Galactus, himself---
      to save reality.

      The story unfolds beautifully
      and what you think is a contrived
      incident from early-on is later
      revealed to be deliberate and makes
      the whole thing come together nicely.

      Elson's art fits the cosmic scope
      and is well detailed.

      the 'thousand Thor's' from
      alternate realities.


      On the Mjolnir Meter we'll give this
      a 10. Treat yourself.

      Get set for another 10, BTW.

      DARK AVENGERS is back
      and others.

      What's that? you say.
      Thor isn't in DARK AVENGERS.
      No, but 'Clor' is.

      You might remember him from Civil War.
      Reed Richards and Tony Stark and Hank Pym
      created a clone of Thor, who is now
      called Ragnarok.

      He's a lot like the Real Deal except
      without any of Thor's compassion or
      humility or, for that matter,
      self-control. Get him mad
      and he kicks your ass.

      He's also had his kicked more than a few times.
      Hercules beat him down.
      The Real Deal himself stomped Clor good.
      The New Avengers gave him a beat-down, too.

      But it seems you can't keep a good clone down,
      and now Ragarnok is in DARK AVENGERS.

      If you've ever wanted to read about a Thor
      who has the attitude of the Punisher, this one's
      for you.

      It's a delightful change of pace.

      Did I mention the Mjoly Meter
      pegged this at a 10?

      Finally, JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY 639 is out.
      Elson (again)
      and others.

      Gillen needs to be careful.
      He's a great writer for all things Thor---
      but he's starting to become a little smug
      by more than half. And by smug we mean

      Even so, in this puppy---pardon the pun---
      the All-Mothers (a perpetual giant Gack)
      want Loki to be their 'secret agent'
      in a battle against the
      'Manchester Gods'.

      There's some humor and it's
      entertaining enough to peg
      our Mjoly Meter at 7.

      So there you go.
      Run out and treat yourself.

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