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  • Hoang Thai
    I just saw the cover to She-Hulk #14 which Don told us would feature Thor. Nothing much to suggest a Thor appearance on the cover though. It s most guns and a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      I just saw the cover to She-Hulk #14 which Don told us would feature
      Thor. Nothing much to suggest a Thor appearance on the cover though.
      It's most guns and a SHIELD agent, or Two-Gun Kid, I think. There's
      also a woman holding a gun, I have no idea.

      I've been thinking about what's up with Thor. We know for sure that DB
      is going to play an important part in whatever happens to Thor. I'm
      thinking that with his appearance in She-Hulk that might be Dan Slott
      tying in something about Thor's alter-ego. Shulkie's a lawyer and
      she's been doing some funny superhero work at times (working for the
      Living Tribunal was definitely a moment not be missed). So with Dan's
      knack for fun, I'm leaning towards this as perhaps the registration of
      DB/the re-establishment of Donald Blake in the MU. Registering a god
      has a certain comic element about it. This theory goes some way to
      supporting the argument that Thor will take the pro-registration side.

      There's another different theory I came up that makes me shudder but
      also makes me think it possible. My bet is Thor is the one who kills
      the person who will die in Contrivance War #4. Not one I think but its
      one that I think is entirely plausible. The covers to #4 all indicate
      Thor is going to be smashing something and I wouldn't put it past
      Marvel to use Thor, an icon, killing someone. Much in the same vein
      that Wonder Woman did. I think this theory came from the part of me
      that's very suspicious of Marvel.

      Something else that made me think was a comment last week about how Q
      wanted to go back to the old days when heroes viewed each other with
      suspicion. Don Blake was very cautious with his identity early on and
      if this DB from FF is indeed Don Blake this goes a long way to
      supporting why he's on Iron Man side. I don't like the idea, as I
      think Thor would think this is pretty silly altogether, but it does
      seem to be in line with the way Marvel's wish to 'go back to those
      early days'. So Thor sticking with the pro-rego side starts to look a
      lot better.

      Another idea I think the new ongoing might be centred around is the
      Eternals. Marvel have stated they want the Eternals to be a bigger
      part of the MU. (I love Jack Kirby but I can't see why these Eternals
      ). There's a Thor-Eternals trade due for release in October. Marvel
      has been known to have the practice of releasing trades related to
      characters/old plots in upcoming titles. I must admit I don't have an
      issue from that run but I think this has a high chance of being what
      Thor's first arc might be about. This however might read like Thor and
      lame attempt at making the Eternals relevant.

      Also, FF comes out this week. Hopefully this issue is more meaningful.

      Probably way off, but I am excited.
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