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Re: [ Thor Fans ] Marvel Books I'm Reading (was Nasty Spidey)

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  • Jeff Deal
    ... Dan Slott gave us M2in1 in everything but title. I find the coloring a tad overdone, obscures the art, but otherwise my 2nd fav. Marvel hero s new book is
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      --- Lundonj <lundonj@...> wrote:

      > --- Jeff Deal <jjdeal_99@...> wrote:
      > > I'm reading it seems like I'm the only one who is
      > > still reading a bunch.
      > >
      > > Listed by fav.
      > >
      > > 1-Thing
      > > 2-Young Avengers
      > > 3-Marvel Team-up
      > > 4-Capt. America
      > > 5-Thunderbolts
      > > 6-New Avengers
      > > 7-Fantastic Four
      > > 8-Knights 4
      > > 9-Black Panther
      > Thing and YA are very good.

      Dan Slott gave us M2in1 in everything but title. I
      find the coloring a tad overdone, obscures the art,
      but otherwise my 2nd fav. Marvel hero's new book is
      everthing I was hopeing for.

      YA may be the most
      > connected comic to Marvel history....ever.

      I was dead set against this book from the get go
      just because of its groan innducing title. I didn't
      pick up the first issue but then they reprinted it in
      a "directors cut" thing and I was flipping thru it and
      it had a handbook style Kang bio with a timeline which
      I thought was pretty cool so I got it and was hooked.

      MTU is
      > fun.

      If given free reign Slott and Kirkman could be the
      saviors of Marvel comics.

      I couldn't read Cap with the Bucky stuff, that
      > seems more stunt than story to me.

      Well all i can say is that I'm interested in reading
      the next issue to see what happens. I think Brubaker
      writes a spot on Capt. America and I really like the
      art. As far as bringing Bucky back personally I
      wouldn't...Unless I had a story with a big payoff at
      the end. I am most definitly not a believer in the
      "Dead is Dead" philosophy. I think one of the cool
      things about comics is that we can "have our cake and
      eat it too".

      I have every
      > T-Bolts but I have to drop it out of sheer boredom.

      I thought they shot themselves in the foot with the
      line-up of new Tbolts and they have spent most of the
      series so far trying to establish them as interesting
      characters...and for the most part failling. Speed
      Demon and Radioactive Man are the only ones I find
      kinda interesting. The others just seem to be going
      over the same ground that they covered in the first
      series. That being said it's looking up; Zemo and
      Techno are back and Moonstone is on the way and with
      the addition of Nighthawk, I'm likeing the line-up

      > JMS is the guy who retconned Stacy Gwen into
      > a...well,
      > I can't use those words in an all age forum.

      I don't read any of the Spider books, but I had
      heard about some of his retcons, and sure enough right
      off the bat he retcons the FF's origin. I have been
      underwelhmed by story and art so far in his run.
      Mckone is a solid draftsman but kinda bland and just
      to obvious in the photo referencing for my tastes.

      > Panther's hitory was completely ditched in this run,
      > so I left the book too.

      The last couple of issues have been better but I'm
      really only buying this thru inertia just haven't told
      my comic guy to take it off the pull list.

      Same could be said of Knights 4,that and the fact that
      The Thing appears in it. Again like BP the last couple
      of issues have been better... up from bad to mediocre.

      > Although, I am interested in the upcoming MU space
      > saga, ANNIHILATION. Hope they don't eh...ruin my
      > man
      > Nova.

      Most of Marvels space based heroes in a intergalactic
      war ..I will at least check it out....of particular
      interest my Fav. FF foe SuperSkrull getting his own

    • drobbins
      Leafs confessed, ... We each have our addictions. ... Yeah, I guess we can t make fun of Don anymore. Oh. Wait. LOL ... WG
      Message 47 of 47 , Feb 7 10:47 PM
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        Leafs confessed,
        > I am not sure if Uncanny X-Men ever recovered for me, since UXM
        > #180. But I still pick it up. Too much time and money invested, and
        > too much love for the main characters, to give up.

        We each have our addictions.

        >>> And so, I have successfully been X-Zombified. :-P

        Yeah, I guess we can't make fun of Don anymore.



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