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Re: [ Thor Fans ] Quesada on Thor and Sentry

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  • drobbins
    Leafs said, ... There s an adage as old as your grandmomma s garters: If it ain t broke, don t fix it. Maybe you heard it? ... You ve missed a few of the Q s
    Message 1 of 33 , Mar 1, 2005
      Leafs said,
      > > > He says the circle has to begin again.

      There's an adage as old as your grandmomma's garters:
      If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
      Maybe you heard it?

      > Anyway - I read it as - Thor is dead. Asgard, gone. Asgardians, dead.
      > > And they will be dead.
      > > For about a year.

      You've missed a few of the Q's wonderous
      pronouncements, kiddo.
      If and when they bring Thor back,
      it won't be the Thor Marvel published
      for four decades.
      The Silver Age Real Deal
      is dead.

      > So I am willing to wait this out - and see just what the heck he has
      > planned. I admit, I don't have much faith - again, just cuz I don't
      > usually like Q's ideas... but the fact that he is saying (to me
      > anyway), that THOR will return...

      Again, it's the fact that Thor didn't have to 'die' that royally miffs.
      Look at the stats.
      For two friggin' years the sales dropped consistently
      month after month after month.
      Did Q do anything?
      Did he hire a new writer?
      Did he hand the reins to a new artist?
      All he did was bitch that the fans didn't
      have brains enough to recognize good stuff
      when they saw it.

      > Well, everyone has their favorites. So he doesn't like THOR.

      So he is the head honcho, and if he doesn't like the Real Deal,
      do you really think he'll bust butt to relaunch a new title
      He's already talking a year down the road.

      > Conspiracy theories abound, I say! :-p

      Come on.
      You just admitted the Q doesn't like Thor.
      Doesn't take a conspiracy theory
      to read the tea leaves in this instance.

      In case I'm not making my sentiments clear enough;
      the Q is a lameass.

    • Tawmis
      ... They have a big push planned?
      Message 33 of 33 , Mar 9, 2005
        > But it sure will be interesting to see
        > how Marvel's new big push resolves.
        > David

        They have a big push planned?
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