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18494Review: THOR #19

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  • drobbins04
    Feb 14, 2014
      A thanks to Billy once again for a heads-up on the Thor-related issues
      this week.

      I did get a couple with Thor---or some variation---in them,

      but there's not enough of him to merit a review.

      There is plenty to talk about with




      And other folks.

      More after our usual

      amiable Midgardian.....








      Ribic is back and the art is great.

      As for the story, it can be summed

      up with 'Thor has a new babe'


      they get all real-world

      and take on a despicable corporation.

      That might be more than it seems.


      And there's a bit at the end about

      'future Thor'.

      It appears he's going to throw down

      with Galactus.

      I'll be honest.

      It didn't ring my chimes as loudly

      as most of Aaron's previous efforts.

      After I finished reading it, I sat there

      pondering 'How come?'

      And after a while it hit me.

      So Thor has a new 'romance'.

      (BTW---what ever happened to Sif?

      You know. The lady he was so deeply devoted

      to back in the day? Evidently they've gone

      their separate whoopie ways, as happens

      in relationships. But still.)

      Anyway, back to this issue and

      my insight into why it didn't do much for me.

      A couple of reasons:

      1. Thor has been pretty heavy into the fairer gender scene

      the past year or so. During the recent Malekith arc he waxed hot and

      with a Dark Elf. Not out of 'true love' or anything.

      It was just a case of hormones.

      2. And that appears to be what we have here, with

      SHIELD Agent Solomon. Although to be fair to Aaron,

      he's infusing their relationship with the eco-warrior

      motif as part of their backstory.

      I could readily understand younger Thor acting

      like he can't get enough of the ladies. In human terms, he's at that age

      where it's all some think about.

      But current Thor?


      I know, I know. I can hear you now.

      You're saying 'But of course he's into it. He a Norse god, for crying
      out loud.

      Mead and wenches, remember?'

      All that aside, the issue is pretty cool.

      The dynamic between Thor and Solomon

      brings a few grins. And Thor has a couple

      of mini-awesome moments.

      Our Mjolnir Meter pegged at 8.

      You might like it.


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