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18474Re: [ THOR Fans ] Review: THOR God Of Thunder 17

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  • drobbins04
    Jan 19, 2014
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      Billy said,

      >>>>Comics are my favorite medium and it is rare for me to read a comic and not enjoy it. That is why I rarely review anything. It is also why I sometimes joke with you about not rating books higher!

      When I review something, I have to put aside the 'fanboy' part of me

      and try to be objective.

      Years ago, I'd often compare the new stuff to the Silver Age issues

      I grew up reading. I stopped doing that because it wasn't fair.

      The Thor's that Jack did are my all-time faves. I have an emotional

      attachment to those issues. I don't have the same attachment

      to a lot of the newer stuff. So I didn't think it was right of me to

      rate the new by the standard of the old.

      Now I try to review the new stuff on its own merits.

      I'm not great shakes at it, but I do the best I can.



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