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Beijing Olymics Debate

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  • sheila
    On Monday 30th I m to attend a debate at Westminster University.(That s if the expected May Day Riots don t disrupt the public transport) It s about whether
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2001
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      On Monday 30th I'm to attend a debate at Westminster University.(That's if the expected May Day Riots don't disrupt the public transport) It's about whether or not Beijing should host the 2008 Olympic games. My feeling is 'Why not?' but I know nothing about sport and have no first-hand knowledge of China. (Soon to be remedied!) I think it might be good to go along knowing in advance what kind of arguments to expect. So I wonder if any of you well-informed and articulate list-members have anything to say?

      Best Wishes,

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