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TEFLCHINA WELCOME/List Help.. Correction.. Jan 27, 2001

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  • Roger Chrisman
    Ooops, I goofed up the archive URLs in yesterday s Welcome update. Better toss that one. I think I ve got everything right this time..... Welcome message
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2001
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      Ooops, I goofed up the archive URLs in yesterday's Welcome update.
      Better toss that one. I think I've got everything right this time.....

      Welcome message update Jan 27, 2001 . . . .

      :-) Roger

      Welcome to the TEFLChina email lists
      'T'eaching 'E'nglish as a 'F'oreign 'L'anguage in 'China'

      TEFLChina (teach) discusses teaching issues: classroom techniques,
      problems, tips, lesson plans, materials, Q&A on teaching -

      TEFLChinaJob (job) discusses job issues: profession, job openings,
      contracts, Q&A on employment issues - <teflchinajob@yahoogroups.com>

      TEFLChinaLife (life) discusses all the rest: language, food, travel,
      stories, learning Chinese, your life in China, politics, computers,
      your stuff - <teflchinalife@yahoogroups.com>

      The first two are lightly moderated for clarity. The Life list is
      unmoderated but list rules apply (friendliness to colleagues).

      1. LIST RULES
      2. HOW TO: Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Digest, Search Archives, Post
      3. BITS & BOBS: About Us, Sort Mail, Teahouse Web site, No Mail?,
      Help, Invitation

      1. LIST RULES

      1. Use informative subject lines.
      2. Do not quote whole screens of text when replying --
      quote only a few lines if any and put them *above* your reply
      in dialog format.
      3. No HTML --
      send only plain western encoded ASCII text.
      4. Reference anything that is not yours, at top.
      5. When forwarding others' emails or posts, obtain their permission
      and put, "Forwarded with permission of original author(s)," at top.
      6. No attachments --
      email rogerchrisman@... to share your file on the
      Teahouse Web site.
      7. No advertisements.
      8. Be friendly --
      courtesy to colleagues. If anyone's post feels unfriendly or out
      of line please email me privately at rogerchrisman@...,
      but not on list (fan not flames).

      2. HOW TO

      To subscribe, send a blank email to (you can paste all three
      addresses in one email's "To" line, separated by commas):

      UNSUBSCRIBE (stop receiving TEFLChina mail)
      To unsubscribe, send a blank email to:

      Digests are a day's messages combined into one email. Each list has
      its own digest.
      To set your subscriptions to digest, send a blank email to:

      To set your subscriptions back to normal, send a blank email to:

      Selected insights from the lists are on display at the Teahouse Web
      site (TEFLChina.com). However, you can also read current list
      discussions on the Web or search back posts by keyword, date or
      author at either of the following list archives:

      - Yahoo Groups (11/2000 - now)
      TEFLChina <http://yahoogroups.com/group/teflchina>
      TEFLChinaJob <http://yahoogroups.com/group/teflchinajob>
      TEFLChinaLife <http://yahoogroups.com/group/teflchinalife>

      - eScribe
      TEFLChina * <http://escribe.com/education/teflchina> (1996 - now)
      TEFLChinaJob <http://escribe.com/education/teflchinajob> (12/1999 - now)
      TEFLChinaLife <http://escribe.com/education/teflchinalife> (12/1999 - now)

      * This one includes the messages from before we branched out into
      three lists in December 1999 -- all the way back to our beginnings in

      Send (post) a message for all subscribers to read to one of the
      following addresses (you must be subscribed to a list to post to it):

      Teaching threads - - - - - -> mailto:teflchina@yahoogroups.com (teach)
      Jobs, professional issues -> mailto:teflchinaJOB@yahoogroups.com (job)
      Life threads - - - - - - - -> mailto:teflchinaLIFE@yahoogroups.com (life)

      Most of us are subscribed to all three lists; so do not cross post.
      Just send to the list that seems most appropriate to you. Everyone is
      welcome to start a topic or reply -- ask a question, provide plenty
      of context and someone will have an answer or suggestion.

      3. BITS & BOBS

      ABOUT US
      TEFLChina is 400+ English teachers, some in China and some outside,
      discussing life, jobs and how to teach English in China. We are a
      100% volunteer network of teachers helping teachers and networking.
      So don't wait.. post us your ideas and questions.

      Sorting your list mail into separate mailboxes keeps your In-Box free
      for private stuff. The following are menu paths for setting up
      automatic filters in four popular email clients:
      Eudora: Tools or Window > Filters...
      Netscape Mail: Edit > Message Filters...
      Microsoft Outlook: Tools > Mail Rules...
      Hotmail: instructions for making filters in Hotmail are at the Teahouse

      And create mail filters/rules to find TEFLChina@, TEFLChinaJob@,
      TEFLChinaLife@ or whatever listname@ in the "To:" line and
      automatically transfer the message to a separate TEFLChina mailbox on
      your computer.

      TEFLChina.com is our Teahouse Web site where some choice back posts
      are highlighted under the following headings:
      - Living in China <http://TEFLChina.com/life>
      - Teaching <http://TEFLChina.com/teach>
      - Job searching <http://TEFLChina.com/job>
      - Books <http://TEFLChina.com/books>
      - Email lists <http://TEFLChina.com/lists>
      - Links <http://TEFLChina.com/links>
      - Our Guestbook has someone near you <http://TEFLChina.com/guestbook>
      Sign your name at the Teahouse Web site ^

      NO MAIL?
      If you unexpectedly stop receiving messages from a TEFLChina list for
      several days in a row, your subscription may have been turned off by
      Yahoo because messages bounced off your address. You can turn your
      subscription back on at yahoogroups.com, or let me know at
      <rogerchrisman@...> and I will do it for you. The Yahoo
      Groups server will try to reactivate bouncing addresses on its own,

      If you have read the HOW TO section above and still need help with a
      subscription, email me <rogerchrisman@...>, explain what
      you are trying to do and include a copy of relevant error email you

      Teachers learn about us from YOU <<by word of mouth>>. Invite English
      teachers in your department or anyone who might like to join the
      TEFLChina email lists. You may forward them this Welcome message. But
      most of all, thanks for your participation.

      We are a 100% volunteer run forum -- teachers helping each other.
      Please send me feedback <RogerChrisman@...>. Let me know if
      you can volunteer some time to help with list ownership, Topic of the
      Week or editing the Web site.


      List Owner
      Roger Chrisman <rogerchrisman@...>

      :-) Jan 27, 2001
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