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  • TEFLChina@yahoogroups.com
    Nov 1 2:11 AM
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      GENERAL RULES for the TEFLChina Lists

      1. Be friendly and courteous towards all others. If anyone's post feels
      unfriendly email me privately at karen.stanley (at) cpcc.edu (I care
      and need your feedback). Do not use needlessly argumentative, immoderate
      nor cutting words, however subtly. Email stings too easily.

      2. Sign posts with your Full Name (First and Last name). Be your
      professional self. You may sign simply your first name if your email's
      'From' header clearly displays your Firstname Lastname.

      3. Do not quote whole screens of text in your reply. Quote only if it is
      essential to the understanding of your message, in which case quote only
      those phrases that are absolutely necessary.

      4. Use informative subject lines. If the topic diverges, start a new
      thread with new subject line.

      5. Copyright counts. DO NOT post copyrighted material without permission.
      You may summarize and/or include brief quotes of others' copyrighted
      materials, news articles, etc. if you give full references. (Do not
      give website addresses without some indication of their content.)

      6. Privacy. Before forwarding others' emails or posts to the list,
      obtain their permission and put, "Forwarded with permission of original
      author(s)," at top.

      7. Use only plain text because HTML and attachments are automatically
      removed by these Yahoo Groups. Please upload relevant non-plain text
      files to our Yahoogroups Files area or elsewhere online and put a link
      to the file in your post to the email list.

      8. No cross-posting.

      9. No advertisements. ____Job ads____ are welcome that include full details
      -- see http://teflchina.org/TEFLChinaJob_Ad

      - Posts may be edited by list moderators for readability or to meet
      list rules.
      - Posts may be rejected at the moderator's discretion.
      - Copyright and responsibility for each post belong to the poster.

      List rules 1,2 and 3 are the most essential, in short

      1) Please be friendly.

      2) Use your full name.

      3) Only quote the relevant part of previous posts.

      If you feel a post in violation of the rules has perhaps gone
      unnoticed by the moderator, or have a general concern about the list,
      please contact karenstanleyma (at) yahoo.com


      Everyone is encouraged to post - questions, answers, ideas, comments,
      China experiences, etc!

      We are 3 lists, discussing,


      (teach) teaching issues - classroom techniques, problems, tips,
      lesson plans, materials, Q&A on teaching.


      (job) job issues - profession, job openings, contracts, Q&A
      on employment issues.


      (life) all the rest - language, food, travel, stories,
      learning Chinese, your life in China, politics (*lightly*),
      computers, your stuff.

      Know the List Rules (above) before you post


      (teach) http://groups.yahoo.com/messages/TEFLChina

      (job) http://groups.yahoo.com/messages/TEFLChinaJob

      (life) http://groups.yahoo.com/messages/TEFLChinaLife


      To subscribe, send a blank email to:


      all three addresses can go in one email's to line, separated by commas.

      _And reply to the *confirmation requests* Yahoogroups sends you!_


      Unsubscribe from your old address. Then subscribe from your new address.


      To unsubscribe, send a blank email to:


      All three addresses can go in one email's to line, separated by commas.

      _And reply to the *confirmation requests* Yahoogroups sends you!_

      If that does not work, email: karen.stanley at cpcc.edu, explain, and
      include any error messages Yahoogroups sent you, including its full
      headers. the headers provide details that improve my ability to help you.
      To get the full headers, you may need to adjust your email client's

      Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in China
      h a v e f u n!

      Karen Stanley, List Owner karen.stanley (at) cpcc.edu
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